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6 reasons why content matters for SEO


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It’s the age-old “chicken or the egg” question, but in this case “what comes first, the content or the SEO”? Does SEO drive content or does the content drive the SEO? The honest answer… they must always work as a complementary pair.

If you want to grow your traffic and increase your sales, good content can make all the difference to the way in which you are perceived. The more credible, fresh and relevant the information you produce, the better your chances of ranking and converting customers.

But in order for people to find your information, you need a good SEO strategy in place.

Getting your copy and SEO working together is crucial to the success of your business, but what should you be doing to get it right?

1. Write content based on keyword research

How information is consumed is vital and there is no point blogging for blogging sake. The information you produce must be relevant and educate your visitors on topics they want to read about.

It is important to look at your keywords and cross reference them with what people are actively searching for on Google.

There are many tools that you can use to assist with keyword research such as KWFinder, ahrefs or SEMRush.

2. Quality content

It’s a cliché, but content really is king. No-one wants to read an article that is stuffed with keywords and Google certainly won’t rank it. Instead articles should be written for consumer consumption and keywords should be utilised and woven into content in a natural and relevant manner.

Customers like useful data, and are more likely to follow you, go to your website and share information if they see something of interest to them. Therefore, the more informative you can make your blogs, the higher the chances of them being liked and shared across the web.

3. Keep it fresh

Google constantly reviews it algorithms, looking for the most up-to-date information. Keeping a blog and writing fresh, shareable content on a regular basis will ensure that you remain top of the rankings and will keep visitors coming back.

Longer content of over 2,000 words tend to perform better, as it allows the subject to be explained in more depth.

The more you write on a specific topic, the greater an authority within that industry you are likely to create and with authority comes trust and with trust comes brand recognition.

4. Test and learn

Even the best blog posts and well-written articles can fail to attract likes, shares and referrals, and despite the length of content and good use of keywords, can often leave you wondering what went wrong. Therefore it is important for any business to understand their successes and failures.

One way to analyse the performance of your content is to look at content marketing metrics you should optimise and expand upon and those which are not engaging your audience.

5. Link out to additional sources

Quoting sources and linking to other authorities within your article is a good technique, and one that will help to improve your SEO.

It not only shows your audience that you have done your research, but it demonstrates to search engines that you know your stuff by associating yourself with other knowledgeable sites. And, if you own content is good enough, then you may well find that you attract links of your own.

6. Use experts

If writing is not your strong point then it is worth paying out for a professionally crafted piece of content, that sells your business and engages the reader.

Likewise, if you are looking to leverage your website copy so that you are easier to find within search engines, then an SEO agency can provide you with the resources to get you to the top.

At Targeted SEO our expert copywriter can identify the right keywords and phrases for your business whilst our SEO consultant can help improve your rankings, increase traffic and provide you with more customer leads.

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