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If you need results from your website contact us. We can provide you with evidence of the success we have had by working with local companies in Southampton and across the South. Our reputation is important to us. We work extremely hard to get results for our clients which in turn helps our business succeed.

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We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great local businesses and have achieved highly successful results for them. Please contact us for case studies.
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Web Design for Small/Medium Businesses

If you need to get your business found in the local search results then you will need a website which is designed and developed with search engines in mind. We offer web design which is specifically targeted towards small to medium sized businesses. Using our advanced knowledge of SEO we can build your site so it has a better chance of ranking highly in the search results for the services you offer. We can work with any budget, simply complete our enquiry form for a call back and we’ll do the rest.
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LOCAL Search Engine Optimisation

Our local web design service works hand-in-hand with our local SEO services. If you have a new website and domain, it won’t magically rank highly in Google and receive traffic. There are many things that need to be worked on to gradually gain the trust of search engines. We can successfully develop the authority of your website for higher rankings. As your website traffic increases so will customer enquiries and sales providing you with a high return on your investment.

Frequently asked SEO questions

A good SEO agency focuses on steadily increasing the organic traffic to your website which then converts into leads, sales and more customers, helping to grow your business and providing an excellent return on your website investment. This may involve designing and developing you a new website with SEO at the forefront of the work. The way your site is built can have a detrimental effect on the success of any SEO strategy. Month on month an SEO agency should be focusing on a combination of creating optimised content, building backlinks (other sites linking to yours), tracking success through traffic, rankings and leads generated, and communicating regularly with you on the work being completed. Here at Targeted SEO we provide all of this and by working with us on a monthly retainer you will soon see the benefits of working with a good SEO agency.

The fact that you’re reading this right now indicates that you’re aware of SEO and its many benefits. That said not every business needs an SEO agency. It depends on how your customers find you. If you provide a service either B2B or B2C the chances are your customers are using Google to find you or businesses like yours. If that’s the case then it’s vital your company website and brand is highly visible in the search results. If it’s not then you could be losing out to your competitors.

On contrary SEO is definitely not dying. We’re seeing a rapid growth in the amount of companies seeking help from SEO agencies like us. Businesses are becoming increasingly aware that they need to found online, especially in more recent times due to the Coronavirus pandemic. More people are using Google to search and shop online, scanning the top search results for what they require. There is a bigger understanding of what SEO is and why it’s required. If you’re not regularly investing your marketing budget into SEO then you will quickly be falling behind, there’s a high chance your competitors already are or certainly will be soon. Don’t get left behind and talk to us for a no obligation consultation.

Good SEO agencies will have skilled and experienced SEO consultants at their disposal, ready to use their advanced knowledge of how search engines work to the benefit of your business. Not only that but they should also employ the services of skilled copywriters who can create quality optimised content for your website on a regular basis. Designing a new website may also be required so you should also use an SEO agency who can offer you a web design service too. SEO and web design go hand in hand. There’s no point working hard to increase the traffic to your website if they won’t convert due to a poor design. At Targeted SEO we can design your business a new website which not only looks great but performs in Google too!

Paid ads can be effective alongside an organic SEO strategy and we can offer PPC as part of our service to you. However the moment you stop paying for ads the moment your website traffic will dry up. We believe in growing the organic power of your website so ultimately it becomes an important asset to your business. Successful SEO does take time but eventually your site will be generating leads on a daily basis, ultimately paying for itself.

When deciding on the best agency for your business you should consider some of the following questions; can they demonstrate results they have got for previous clients? Do they have experience working in your industry? Do they have reviews and testimonials from other clients? Are they transparent in their work and what they are actually doing? Not only that but do you feel like they are taking the time to learn about your business so that it can reflect in the work and service they are providing? At Targeted SEO we aim to do all of this. Schedule a Zoom with us and we’ll show you first hand our results and how we achieved them. We work closely with our clients, ultimately becoming an extension of their business. Read our reviews and contact us to see if we’re a good fit for you.

No SEO agency can guarantee that your website will rank number 1, and anyone that tells you such should not be taken seriously. Google uses algorithms to determine their search results and these algorithms are constantly changing. However, we have had a great deal of success getting many businesses to number #1 in Google, and can show you case studies to demonstrate our successes.

SEO is an ongoing process and increasing traffic to your website is greatly dependent on the competition of your market. It can take 4 - 6 months for you to starting seeing results and you should at the very least budget for 12 months of SEO work.

SEO is the combination of a great number of factors. From creating great content to optimising your website for keyword topics, social signals, increasing customer reviews, building backlinks, content creation and more. All of which can impact how well your website performs in Google.

When you first contact us we'll examine your website to see if we can help. The next step will be a free, no-obligation consultation either by telephone or Zoom. Unfortunately due to Covid in person meetings are currently unavailable.

A backlink is essentially a hyperlink from another website linking to yours. It's important to have quality backlinks to your site as this will help grow domain authority and increase your website ranking positions overtime.

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