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Unlocking the door to SEO success for Simmonds Mortgage Services

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In just six months, Targeted SEO transformed Simmonds Mortgage Services, a Berkshire-based mortgage broker, by providing a new visual identity, fully optimising their WordPress website, implementing a comprehensive content strategy, and executing a successful local SEO campaign. The results include improved SERP rankings, valuable featured snippets, and top positions in both local Google pack and organic search results, showcasing the powerful impact of an integrated and strategic SEO approach.

SEO success for simmonds mortgage services
Increase in clicks
Increase in impressions
Increase in organic traffic
Page 1 rankings

Project overview

Customer brief

  • Develop a new brand identity and logo
  • Design and develop a new search optimised website
  • Grow organic traffic
  • Increase local rankings
  • Research and deliver a content strategy

Targeted SEO Services

  • Branding and visual identity
  • Brand-new optimised website
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Local SEO campaign

Where we started

In just six months, we unlocked the door to SEO success for a growing firm of mortgage brokers

The mortgage industry is highly competitive, with over 5,000 UK mortgage brokers vying for the attention of potential clients in an increasingly digital market. Visibility in search engine results is essential to generate organic website traffic and a steady stream of enquiries.

Simmonds Mortgage Services, a leading mortgage broker in Berkshire, recognised this and understood the potential of SEO to boost its online presence.

The Simmonds team has heaps of experience and expertise in the Berkshire mortgage market, but their website didn’t reflect that, and it wasn’t ranking on page one for their services. Fortunately, they found Targeted SEO after discovering the success we’d had with another mortgage broker in their network. We embarked on a 6-month SEO strategy that has delivered impressive results, as the numbers clearly demonstrate.

What we delivered

Impactful new Mortgage Broker Brand identity

While simultaneously developing the new website, we presented ideas for a new logo and visual identity to resonate with the target audience. The Targeted SEO team has great expertise in graphic design, and we have created a distinctive and cohesive brand to represent Simmonds’ brand values of prestige, trust, expertise, and reliability. 

branding and logo design for mortgage broker business

A brand new, fully optimised Mortgage Broker website

We crafted a brand new WordPress site from scratch that prioritised user experience with intuitive navigation and visually engaging pages. We carried out meticulous keyword research to identify high-value terms relevant to the mortgage broker services in Berkshire, which we integrated into key on-page elements such as meta titles, descriptions, headers, and content. 

The great benefit of building a new WordPress website is that we can nail the technical SEO aspects from day one so that the website starts being indexed straight after launch. On every page of the new Simmonds site, we optimised URL structures, image alt tags, and internal linking to improve crawlability and overall site performance. This has resulted in the website performing well in SERPs within just six months of launch.

SEO Content and strategy

Google prioritises useful, high-quality content that provides value to users, leading to higher rankings in search results. Rich content is particularly important for finance websites, especially those that are aimed directly at consumers. The mortgage market is vast and complex, so each page of Simmonds’ new website had to inform, reassure, and ultimately drive action.

Our content strategy focused on creating detailed service pages and blog posts that directly addressed common questions and concerns. Simmonds’ target market is diverse, including both consumers and businesses, so it was important to tailor the information and tone of voice for maximum engagement.

Our thoughtful and thorough approach to content has resulted in valuable featured snippets for Simmonds on key topics related to their services.

Local SEO

Primarily, Simmonds wanted to target all major towns in the Berkshire area. So we started with a local SEO strategy designed to boost their presence in Berkshire-based mortgage searches. This included using local schema markup and creating localised content with geo-targeted keywords. 

The local campaign has been incredibly successful, placing Simmonds in the top 3 local Google pack and number one in the organic search results for ‘mortgage broker Berkshire’.

Following on from this success, we have since broadened the campaign to target other areas further afield.

SEO Results

An Integrated SEO & Web Design Approach

The results we have achieved for Simmonds Mortgage Services in just six months are proof of how building SEO into a website from day one is so powerful. It also signifies the importance of an integrated approach to SEO.

While it’s not guaranteed to get these kinds of SEO results in such a short space of time, it shows what is possible with a strategic and dedicated approach. It’s a testament to the team at Simmonds, who have trusted the process, been collaborative and a joy to work with.

We look forward to seeing where we can take it in the next six months!

We have used Targeted SEO to build our new website for a mortgage brokerage and also to do all our SEO, and wow what a website, and we have seen amazing results in a short space of time. Pushing to 1st page of Google on keywords in brand new locations!

Highly recommend the team at Targeted SEO!

Andrew Simmonds, Managing Director, Simmonds Mortgage Services

Ready to unlock your finance firm’s full potential? Targeted SEO can help you climb the rankings and boost your business growth. Learn more about the SEO services for mortgage brokers we can offer you.

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The strapline that Treetops lives by is helping your business grow from acorn to mighty oak and this was certainly the case for the new website too. Working closely with a skilled member of their team we researched all the pages we’d need to create, linked from their main services page. This included the keywords to target within these pages and any FAQs to answer. We set to work designing the new website based on their motto.

  • Really happy with the work done by the team. They have massively improved our website's look. It looks so professional! Potential customers looking at the website will now have a great representation of what we're are and what we stand for. The team is very responsive and are really great guys. Thanks guys :)

    Chris Demetriou @ Archimedia Accounts
  • We have used Targeted to build our new website for a mortgage brokerage and also to do all our SEO and wow what a website and we have seen amazing results in a short space of time. Pushing to 1st page of Google on keywords in brand new locations!

    Andrew Simmonds @ Simmonds Mortgage Services
  • Targeted SEO recently moved my website from Wix to Wordpress. Very smooth transition with no issues at all. They also completed a full rebrand of my business and captured my vision completely! Very professional looking site with great feedback from our clients already. Friendly team, very quick to respond to requests, I look forward to working with you guys on the SEO going forwards!

    James Wheeler @ Jameco Group
  • Simply amazing service and support. I've used numerous other SEO companies and none even come close to the level of service and experience that Ben & his team have. I will be recommending Targeted SEO to others without hesitation.

    Joe Davies @ Malum Integrated Pest Management
  • We have been working with Ben and his team now for sometime and the results they have delivered has surpassed our expectation and really wowed us with their know how and service. We conducted a review with them and the results were yet again really great so we don't see their fees as a cost we see it as an investment in our business and is great value for money.

    Steven Blofield @ Redwood Financial