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How much does a website cost? One-time vs pay monthly websites

Web design

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Website design – pricing strategies

Having a website with a strong online presence will not only assist you in promoting your brand but, when designed efficiently, can dramatically increase your business revenue. It may come as a bit of a surprise to hear then, that despite this, there are almost 2 million UK businesses that have yet to invest in a website!

If you’re one of the businesses that makes up this staggering statistic or have a website that is outdated and in need of refreshing, you may be wondering just how much it will cost to design a new one?

One time vs monthly website costs

Most web designers will base their website costs on whether you are requiring something basic (brochure style), ecommerce (complete with online selling functionality) or bespoke (requiring complex applications and plugins); and will either charge a one time price or a monthly retainer. Choosing between the two different pricing strategies is simply a matter of money, time and resource.

Below I will talk you through the pros and cons of paying a one time cost or a monthly retainer, to enable you to make an informed decision on which website pricing plan best suits the needs of your business.

One time website costs

One time rates for a website can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds, depending on the complexity of the project. Payments are usually structured and are often invoiced at the start of the build, with the remainder paid once the website is live.

It is important to remember that websites offer a way for you to communicate in a clear, specific and persuasive manner to your customers, in order to fulfil their needs and solve a specific problem. Therefore, they tend to work best when someone is managing them, updating them, responding to customer comments and keeping them fresh with brand new content. If you have the staff and resources to do this inhouse, then a one time cost is a good way of getting a bespoke website up and running.

If, however, you do not have creative copywriting skills or the technological know-how to manage and maintain a website internally, then you may require a more inclusive website package such as a monthly retainer. Building an attractive website is not enough to start attracting customers and unless you can incorporate strategies such as search-engine optimisation, then your website may well just sit undiscovered in the ether.

Pay monthly website costs

The cost of a pay monthly website retainer will vary, depending on what is included within the package. Some will include a custom or template design, hosting, maintenance and copy updates; with some companies (such as Targeted SEO), able to include search engine optimisation and blog content as an additional part of the package.

If you are a start-up, small business or self-employed, then more often than not you will be fulfilling many roles within your company, so being able to outsource some of your online marketing will give you back some much-needed time to spend on other business operations.

Paying monthly not only allows you to budget for regular payments, but you will also benefit from a consistent team of experts working on your website. This will allow them to become engrained in your business and truly understand your product and service offering. Plus, there is always that added incentive for your web agency to keep you happy and get you results – failure to do so and you may move elsewhere.

See our post on why choose a combined SEO & web design package for your business.

Unsure which website package you require?

Websites come in all shapes and sizes and therefore pricing strategies and the ongoing costs associated with them, are no exception. Go cheap and you may be left with an inflexible website that is limited in terms of functionality and could cost you more in the long-run with maintenance, SEO and content. Pay too much for an ‘all singing, all dancing’ website and you may be in danger of never seeing a return on your investment.

Think about what you want your website to offer. Afterall, there is no point spending vast amounts of money on a multi-feature, complex website and with numerous plugins, if all you need is simple functionality that a basic website can provide.

Set your budget accordingly and think about the opportunities for scalability with future online growth. Finally, remember to ask yourself if you have the resources and expertise to manage and support the success of your website once launched, or if you would prefer to have a digital expert undertake this on your behalf.

At Targeted SEO we recognise that one website pricing model does not fit all, which is why we offer a number of different website payment plans, depending on your business needs. For more information on the services we offer contact us.

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