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Navigating the March 2024 Google Core Update

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Google March 2024 Core Update SEO Advice

It’s a busy day for SEOs and content creators as Google announces its latest core update for March 2024!

Feeling the midweek slump? Well, your Wednesday is about to get a little more interesting now that Google has launched its most recent and most complex algorithm update.

With a focus on catching spammy content creation and bad practices that hinder search results, Google aims to enhance search quality and boost helpful content.

In this quick breakdown, our content specialists and SEO experts dive into the key takeaways of Google’s latest update and provide friendly advice to help you improve your SEO efforts.

A brief overview of Google’s March core update

As of 6th March 2024, Google announced its latest algorithm update, which involves various changes to core systems, advanced ranking efforts and updated spam policies. The key focus is on promoting people-first content and tackling spam.

The initial part of this update is to reduce low-quality content and promote content deemed more beneficial to users by refining algorithms to better identify unhelpful content. This means that if you’re using a lot of AI-written content, which, let’s face it, is just a rehash of existing web content, then you might want to rethink your current content strategy.

In addition, Google is cracking down on websites that use deceiving tactics that negatively impact search quality. This includes implementing new policies against:

  • Expired domain abuse: prevents people from using expired domains to promote irrelevant and unreliable content.
  • Scaled content abuse: puts a stop to the mass creation of unoriginal content that is solely crafted to manipulate search rankings.
  • Site reputation abuse: focuses on catching third-party pages that misleadingly promote unassociated websites without involvement from the host.

What the March Core Update means for you

While Google updates are understandably concerning for SEOs, content creators, and growing businesses, they can also offer the opportunity to reflect on current practices and implement sustainable strategies to enhance online visibility.

This is a major update, and even Google said it may take a few weeks to implement. That said, you shouldn’t wait for Google to update before implementing correct practices.

Here are just some techniques you can apply today to help improve search performance, increase web traffic and stay on the right side of Google:

  • Focus on creating original and valuable content that benefits readers.
  • Steer clear of manipulative tactics that hinder SEO.
  • Implement a robust SEO content strategy.

With the right SEO content strategy in place, you can benefit from improved performance in SERPs (search engine results pages), increased web traffic, and overall brand engagement while staying on the right side of Google.

Ultimately, if you are creating content with your audience in mind and adding your own unique perspective, then you should be able to handle the latest update.

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