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We have recently acquired new clients in London and as a result have decided to expand our SEO and web design services to businesses based in the capital. Southampton is easily commutable to Waterloo via the fast train service, stopping only at Eastleigh, Winchester and Basingstoke. This makes it relatively easy to build relationships with professional businesses in London who require our expert services.

Why should you work with a non-London based Agency?

As we’re based outside of London our overheads are cheaper. This has a positive impact to our clients and makes us much more affordable in comparison to London based digital marketing agencies. We still offer many of the same digital marketing services with the same highly effective results.

Who do we work with in London?

We are careful not to disclose information on newly acquired clients but will release case studies in due course. However, we can tell you we only work with businesses which have genuine marketing budgets and can actually afford our services. Successful SEO takes hardwork, time and budget, especially when it comes to developing websites for higher rankings in Google.

Why hire a smaller digital agency?

One of the biggest benefits of working with us is that we are a small agency and don’t have complicated account management structures to go through to speak to an expert about your website. If you need an answer, simply ping us an email and we’ll respond within the hour.

Expert digital marketing

Don’t struggle to build your own online presence when you can leave it to an expert with far better results, leaving you to focus on running your own business. There are many platforms such as WIX making it look easy for you to build your own website in London, in reality it’s far more complicated. We can develop your website with search engines in-mind, optimising the content as we go and ultimately leaving you with a website which converts more visitors into paying customers.

Ben Sisson
Ben Sisson
Ben is the managing director at Targeted SEO and has worked in a variety of senior marketing roles, learning his trade as a web designer before progressing to the role of digital manager for a billion dollar corporation. He now specialises in search engine optimisation for local and national businesses.
About Targeted SEO
Targeted SEO is a specialist search engine optimisation company based in Southampton. We focus on developing websites which grow in organic traffic, resulting in more leads, online enquiries and sales for our clients.
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