SEO Case STUDY : Insolvency Practitioner

Generating organic leads through local and national SEO.


YesCanDo Money Start
Website metrics at the start of the SEO campaign - low number of organic keywords and traffic value.

What we did

mortgage broker SEO case study
Website after we redeveloped it. Paying particular attention to user experience, conversion rate optimisation and responsive design.

YesCanDo Money has used Targeted SEO for 5 months now. Not only have we seen a sharp increase in google positioning but more importantly we have seen an increase in enquiries and sales. Very highly recommended.

Steve Roberts - YesCanDo Business Owner


Performance of website after 5 months of work. Organic keywords and traffic value dramatically increased.
YesCanDo Money's performance in Google Search Console
Performance from Google Search Console highlighting increases in clicks and impressions.
mortgage broker local SEO
Example of number 1 ranking using local SEO strategy.
mortgage broker featured snippet
Featured snippet example - answering questions in Google (national searches).

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