SEO Case STUDY : Pest Control Website

An example of successful blogging and content marketing to drive organic traffic.


At Targeted SEO we have always been fans of building ‘niche’ websites which utilise the free organic traffic which Google can provide. Often referred to as ‘authority’ websites they can generate large volumes of organic traffic by answering specific questions people are asking about the topic(s) in Google. In this particular case study we successfully developed a site in the ‘DIY’ pest control niche. It covers a broad range of topics from rodent control to getting rid of nasty insects!

What we did

By researching the questions being asked in Google and providing answers, we were able to drive organic traffic to the site. We focussed on trying to win the ‘featured snippet’ for the question or search query being asked. We refer to these blog articles as ‘response’ posts. By creating a silo of topical content and interlinking to relevant content we were able to spread authority throughout the site. We also put a process in place to build quality backlinks from other trusted websites (guest posts). This helped to strengthen the domain so it ranked for even more competitive searches.

Blogging and content marketing is a fantastic way to establish expertise, authority and trustworthiness (E-A-T) within your industry. This can help you rise above your competitors and gain trust with new customers.


Blogging does take time but after months of creating new content Google began to recognise the site as a trusted authority. As a result it started to rank high in the search engine results, often for highly competitive searches.

Domain overview data from ahrefs SEO software. This shows how the website has grown in organic traffic. It now ranks for over 18,000 keywords organically.

seo case study pest control
Google Search Console data  – measuring the performance of total clicks and total impressions.
Note: This website has now been sold and is no longer owned by Targeted SEO.

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