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Expert SEO Consultant London

Hello and welcome to Targeted SEO. My name is Ben, and this is my company website. I’m a professional and expert SEO Consultant available for local businesses in London and nationally across the UK.

The benefits of hiring me as your SEO consultant in London

There are many reasons why you should hire me as your SEO consultant, above all I’m highly professional and have spent a long time building my brand and reputation. There is nothing I will do to jeopardise this as I aim to deliver a first-class SEO service for your London based business.

1. Honest, reliable and trustworthy

The SEO industry as a whole has received a bad reputation over the years due to many digital marketing agencies over promising and under delivering. It’s my aim to change this by providing you with a highly effective form of online marketing which will help grow your business. I am available for face-to-face meetings in the city, telephone consultations and Skype calls. It’s my aim to help build trust and a solid working relationship between us. I’m highly responsive to all my client emails and new customer enquiries.

2. High return on your SEO investment

Ranking your business website #1 for searches related to your business will greatly increase the organic traffic to it. This will result in more enquiries and sales from new customers, helping your business to generate more revenue. Here’s a question for you – what is the lifetime value of a new customer to your business? £100? £500? £1000? More?! If I can deliver new customers to your business on a consistent basis it’s well worth paying me for the value of just one of those new customers!

3. White Hat SEO

I always follow Google guidelines when it comes to working on my client websites, ensuring all SEO efforts won’t result in a manual action from the leading search engine. This includes backlinking (links from other websites) which is an important ranking factor.

4. Highly trained and experienced

Search engine optimisation is constantly changing and evolving, I go to great lengths to study SEO and spend a large part of my time keeping up-to-date with the latest search engine algorithms, methods and techniques of ranking websites.

At Farwell’s we wanted to use a local company to develop and manage our website and after careful consideration we decided to use Targeted SEO. They have successfully developed us a new website and combined with a unique SEO strategy have increased the enquiries we receive through our website, all of which has helped our business. We look forward to continue working with them and highly recommend their friendly and approachable service to any other business looking to grow online.

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The expert services Targeted SEO can offer:

We’re not just an SEO company but can also support your business with a range of digital marketing services which often go hand-in-hand with optimising your website. We can assist with WordPress web design, copywriting and content, graphics, logos and branding. All of which will have a big influence on how your business is perceived offline as well as online.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Optimising websites for search engines is a skill we have a great deal of experience in. If your business is based in London (and even if it’s not) we can put an SEO strategy in place so more customers find your website.

WordPress Web Design

Do you need a new website? We can design and develop you a new professional website which is highly optimised for search engines. All of our websites are SEO friendly, responsive across all mobile platforms and will get you noticed online.

SEO Copywriting & Content

Search engines love content and without it you won’t be king in Google. If you’re lost for words and need quality content for your website speak to us. We’ll create copy and content which will help improve your keyword ranking positions.

About Targeted SEO

I set up Targeted SEO in February 2017 with the aim of helping local and national businesses succeed online. I’m actually based in Southampton which is easily commutable to London (on the fast train) and I’m often in the city meeting with other businesses or attending training workshops. Targeted SEO offers search engine optimisation and web design to businesses across the UK including St Albans, Luton, Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard and many more.

I began my career as a graphic designer over 15 years ago, eventually learning web design before moving to the role of digital manager at an international electronics company. It was here that I developed my SEO skills, initially through learning how to develop ecommerce product pages which ranked highly in the organic search results and developing the main business website. I also developed a keen interest in affiliate marketing by promoting 3rd party products on a network of blogs and earning commission through the sales I generated. You can learn more about me on LinkedIn.

Who I consult with

As Targeted SEO is a small digital marketing company I only work with a limited number of clients who I know I can get genuine results for. I won’t let you waste your marketing budget on pointless activities. Preferably, your business will already be making a profit and you will have a genuine budget to invest into search engine optimisation. You will need a website to start an SEO strategy, this is also something I can help you with – please see my Southampton based web design services.

Targeted SEO Customer Reviews Southampton

Targeted SEO Ltd. is rated 5 out of 5. Based on 14 reviews.

expert SEO consultant in London

New clients and free website audits for businesses in London

Are you interested to know the health of your current website and how it can be improved? Submit your website for an SEO video audit and we’ll examine it for you, providing you with an overview of things like keyword ranking positions, backlinks, competitor comparisons and more. This free video audit will help you to have a better understanding of search engine optimisation and what it means for your business.