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Brand Development Services in Southampton

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If you are struggling to differentiate your products or services from your competitors, we can help. We will dig deep into what makes your business unique and translate it into an engaging brand identity. Along with visual identity, we can produce website copy to establish a unique tone of voice, or provide guidelines for your copywriters.

branding and logo services in southampton

Branding for SEO Success

As consumers, we all understand the power of a well-executed brand. We are more likely to respond favourably when using websites that present a professional, distinguished and consistent brand identity. A poorly designed logo and website speaks a thousand words and is unlikely to hold our attention for long.

A lot of SEO is aimed at the awareness stage of the buyer journey, helping your website to be more visible in search results. When the user clicks on to your website, they move into the consideration and evaluation phase. Along with a robust content strategy, that’s where a powerful brand comes into play.

If your website conveys a well-executed brand identity, it is more likely to resonate with a website visitor and nudge them into the decision making stage. It has the power to turn them into a valued customer and brand advocate.

As a business owner, are you confident that your website conveys your brand in its best light? Does it differentiate your product or service from that of your competitors? If not, then our branding and logo design services in Southampton can help you.

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With every brand we create, we explore a variety of different options to make sure your visual identity is right for you and your business.

Our Logo and Branding Design Services in Southampton

When it comes to representing your brand online, we take more than just a skin deep approach. We dig deep into what makes your business unique and translate it into an impactful and meaningful brand identity. 

That includes a memorable logo, a strong colour palette, carefully curated images and fonts. It also involves creating a distinguishing tone of voice to make your messaging more credible.

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Branding Benefits

  • Promotes a professional image and helps build reputation
  • Encourages trust that leads to more conversions
  • Targets your ideal customer more effectively
  • Creates brand awareness and recognition
  • Differentiates your business from competitors
  • Reduces bounce rate and increases dwell time
  • Encourages customer interaction through your website and other channels

What we can do for you

Logo design

Our logos are designed to achieve maximum standout and brand recognition. It’s important to us that our designs convey meaning as well as being visually appealing, so we will never lose sight of what makes your company unique.

If you have an existing logo, we’ll work with you to find out what works and what doesn’t. If we’re starting from the (digital) drawing board then we will ask a lot of questions about your company, your goals and what you most want to be famous for. 

Once we deliver you a logo you love, it will flow into your website design, informing the colours, typography and imagery. Needless to say, your logo and branding is your property from day one and we can supply all files and formats required for digital use.

Visual identity guidelines

Consistency is key to brand recognition. If your website has a split personality it will be a turn-off for your audience, even if they can’t quite put their finger on why. As part of our branding process, we can create a set of guidelines on how your brand should be communicated (i.e. how to use your logo, colour palette, fonts etc) to ensure consistent representation across all digital mediums.

Tone of voice guidelines

Branding is not just about how you look, it’s about how you sound. Once again, consistency is essential to gain the trust and engagement of your target audience. ‘Tone of voice’ (TOV) guidelines set out what kind of language your brand uses, e.g. are you formal/informal, witty, serious, enthusiastic, calm? TOV guidelines will act as a guide for anyone that writes for your brand, e.g. blogs, website pages or social media posts, resulting in a unified brand voice.


Branding is not just about having a pretty logo. It’s about creating an emotional connection with the audience by way of a strong, consistent visual image and tone of voice.

Your branding should:

  • Tell a story about your company and provide cues to your unique offering and style. 
  • Be attention grabbing, but also meaningful and based on your company’s truth.
  • Hit the right note with your target audience and compel them into action.

Branding is not just only for big corporations. Small to medium sized businesses need to stand out in the marketplace in order to survive. A professional looking brand identity is key to engaging your website visitors and winning new business.

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A selection of branding projects we have worked on, from initial concepts to completed artwork.

Need A Visual Identity TO Match Your Business Vision?

We’re as passionate about good branding as we are about SEO. In our eyes, they are inextricable and play vital parts in a successful customer journey. If you want to win the hearts and minds of your target audience and turn them into loyal customers, we urge you to invest in brand development. If you have the vision, we can help you to make it a tangible reality.

As well as our technical skill, the Targeted SEO team in Southampton has an abundance of creative talent and brand experience. We take a thoughtful and intelligent approach to create brands that are impossible to ignore.

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You can opt for branding as a stand-alone service, or, for the most impact and ROI, as part of a fully integrated SEO campaign.

To apply for a 20-minute branding and SEO consultation, please fill in our contact form.

Take a look at some of our recent branding work.

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