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SEO Audit Services

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An audit of your website is the first step in any kind of SEO campaign to target areas of improvement. It involves an in-depth analysis of your website’s content, structure, and performance in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Targeted SEO is an industry professional, and we never undertake unsolicited SEO audits. You can rely on us to present you with transparent results backed up with accessible statistics.

SEO Strategy and Outline

Professional SEO Audits

Our SEO audits can be as brief or detailed as you like, from 5 pages to 50, depending on the size of your website and the potential issues it may face. We will report back to you our findings, which will enable you to make an informed decision on current performance and any future SEO requirements.

Services included within our SEO audits:

On-page SEO Audit

Our on-page audit will examine existing content performance in organic search. Highlighting the number of organic keywords the site is currently ranking for, search queries the website is being found for, and impressions within search.

Technical SEO Audit

As part of our technical SEO audit service, we’ll examine elements like meta titles, meta tags, canonicals, page speeds, duplicate content, links and Google crawl issues. Advanced keyword strategy also involves competitor analysis. It may be fruitless to compete for keywords dominated by your competitors; often, it is longtail keywords (i.e. phrases of several words that are less competitive yet more indicative of user intent) that drive higher-quality leads. We use the latest SEO content software to uncover search terms that unlock the most value.

Search Analysis/Keyword Research

Our team of SEO professionals will conduct keyword research to identify the phrases you are currently ranking for and potential areas for improvement. If you wish to consult with us further we can also find new searches and keywords which you could be targeting on your website to help grow organic traffic.

Off-Page SEO Audit

Backlinks from trusted and relevant sources to your website can help establish trust with Google and improve the visibility of your content. We can report on existing backlinks and how they are impacting your domain performance.

Competitor Analysis

Using professional SEO software like ahrefs, we can research your competitors to see how they perform in organic search. Using this data we can formulate a plan to compete with them as part of an ongoing SEO strategy.

SEO Recommendations

Based on the SEO audit we can then report back to you our findings and make our recommendations via a Google Meeting. This could involve ongoing retained consultancy to provide you with professional guidance on growing targeted traffic.

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  • Very in depth website SEO audit and understanding of our company. Professional presentation with proposed ideas and creative website concept.

    Luke Mills @ The Landscape Service
  • We have used SEO companies in the past and been disappointed in their results, just sending through a generic update report once a month with no strategic thinking and proactive plan to improve our website traffic. Targeted SEO are working on our website and organic SEO campaign and so far we’ve been impressed with the level of service we have received. Our new website is now starting to generate new leads and enquiries and do the job it was designed for.

    Jasmine Lambert @ Redwood Financial
  • I highly recommend Targeted SEO to anyone serious about making their pest control business a success. I have been impressed with the quality work supplied which has enabled my business to grow and profit.

    Matthew Blackwell @ Project Multi Pest
  • We have been working with Ben and his team now for sometime and the results they have delivered has surpassed our expectation and really wowed us with their know how and service. We conducted a review with them and the results were yet again really great so we don’t see their fees as a cost we see it as an investment in our business and is great value for money.

    Steven Blofield @ Redwood Financial
  • I’ve worked with Ben and the team at Targeted a while and I highly recommend their services. Very professional and a highly skilled technically. 5 stars.

    Steve Humprey @ The Mortgage Pod