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Before embarking on an SEO strategy, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive SEO audit. The aim is to uncover technical issues and identify areas for development to improve your website’s online visibility.

One thing that sets our SEO auditing services apart is the level of effort and expertise involved. Our service includes a detailed report, a face-to-face debriefing and actionable recommendations. You can trust our team to deliver a comprehensive SEO audit that offers great value and paves the way for SEO success.

seo audit services


An SEO audit service analyses a website’s on-page and off-page elements, content, and technical aspects. The aim is to assess the quality of the user experience and how well the site is optimised for search engines. The ultimate goal is to find areas of improvement to improve search engine visibility and drive organic traffic.

We can’t stress the importance of a full SEO audit enough – even if you have already invested in SEO. In fact, especially if you have.

It’s essential to see what is and isn’t working to inform our recommendations and create a bespoke SEO strategy. SEO is not a finger-in-the-air process. An SEO agency is only as good as its data, so an in-depth audit is the only way to start.

What happens in an SEO audit?

First, we look at how your website is performing in search engine results pages (SERPs) for your product or services. This includes the volume of organic traffic to the site plus user engagement metrics like click-through rates (CTR). This will provide evidence of whether your existing SEO strategy is working.

It’s then on to the techy part, where we will meticulously dissect your website code and site structure. This will uncover any technical issues that are stopping Google from being able to crawl and index your website.

Our SEO auditing services include a review of user experience, including ease of navigation, site speed, and mobile friendliness. These are important factors to users (and, therefore, to Google) and have a direct effect on search engine rankings.

Beyond the technical audit, we will assess the quality, relevance and uniqueness of your website’s content and keyword placement; another quality indicator that dictates where your website appears in SERPs.

All of these findings come together in a detailed report, including our recommendations for the next phase of your SEO journey.

What websites would benefit from an SEO site audit service?

The straightforward answer is that any B2C or B2B website can benefit from professional SEO audit services, regardless of its age, size, design or current performance.

Many of our clients approach us after investing heavily in web design, SEO and other digital marketing services and failing to see results. They are understandably frustrated and confused.

We always start by explaining that there is no overnight fix – to turn around website performance first requires thorough analysis followed by a commitment towards a long-term SEO strategy.

Fortunately, this is where Targeted SEO has a proven track record, as demonstrated by our many 5-star reviews and case studies.

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Professional SEO Audits

Our website SEO audit services

It’s important to remember that when we talk about auditing a website from an ‘SEO perspective’, it means more than identifying quick technical fixes.

Services included within our SEO audits:

Google prizes user experience, quality, and usefulness above all. So our comprehensive SEO audits dissect every part of a website that affects usability and crawlability, including on-page and off-page elements, content, design, and local SEO.

Technical SEO Audit

Uncovering technical errors is one of the first steps of our SEO audit service. Technical SEO issues can make or break a website, so it’s crucial that we analyse all web pages in meticulous detail. It involves looking at technical aspects like site speed, mobile friendliness, URL structure, site architecture, internal and external links, HTML markup, site architecture, server settings, and code efficiency. AKA, the ‘back-end’ stuff. It’s hard to talk about technical SEO without using jargon. The main thing to remember is that the goal of a technical SEO audit is to identify issues that hinder search engine crawlers, i.e. Google’s ability to ‘read’ and understand a site. If you’re intrigued by the technical side of SEO, we can walk you through it in as much detail as you like. If not, don’t worry – we’ll explain the results in plain English!

On-page SEO Audit

The on-page SEO audit looks at each page, assessing elements like title tags, meta descriptions, headers, keyword usage, and content quality to see if they are effectively optimised for search engines. We also look for duplicate content, broken links, and any other issues that hinder search engines.

Search Analysis/Keyword Research

Our team of SEO professionals will conduct keyword research to identify the phrases you are currently ranking for and potential areas for improvement. If you wish to consult with us further we can also find new searches and keywords which you could be targeting on your website to help grow organic traffic.

Web Design Audit

SEO strategies are reliant on great web design. See our blog for how the two are intrinsically linked. During our SEO audit, our experienced web developers look for evidence of how the site’s design supports SEO and user experience, such as page load speed, branding, navigation, and user interface. Ideally, a website should incorporate SEO principles from the outset to help it gain authority and trust from search engines. If not, it may be possible to optimise the existing site, provided it is reasonably well designed in an SEO-friendly CMS (WordPress is by far the best in our experience and is the industry standard). Sometimes, it’s necessary to redevelop a site for SEO success. At Targeted SEO, we offer a high-quality SEO web design service with a proven track record of elevating online visibility and increasing organic traffic for our clients.

Content Audit

When people think of SEO audits, they naturally think of technical analysis, but content is just as crucial to a website’s SEO performance. Our comprehensive SEO audit services include content analysis, including a review of quality, relevance and keyword placement. Keyword research is as important as ever (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise). The use of target keywords is essential to help Google rank your website in response to relevant search queries. As part of the SEO auditing process, the team will analyse your site’s current keyword rankings in comparison to those of your competitors.

Off-Page SEO Audit

An off-page SEO audit focuses on external factors that influence a website’s search engine rankings. It looks at the site’s backlink profile (i.e. external links to the site), social signals, citations, brand mentions, and overall online reputation. These are all important factors in building website authority, credibility, and visibility in search engine results.

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Our SEO audit Service process

1. Site overview and discovery

We’ll spend time getting to know your industry and business. We’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire to give us a more in-depth understanding of your brand, audience and business goals.

2. Site and performance analysis

Before undertaking the audit (as detailed above), we will delve into your website’s performance using industry-leading SEO software, including ahrefs and Screaming Frog.

This provides us with comprehensive insights into various aspects of your site’s SEO health, including backlinks, keyword rankings, competitor analysis, and technical issues such as broken links and duplicate content.

We also use Google Search Console to assess your website’s performance in Google’s organic search results, including impressions, clicks, and crawl errors. Google Analytics tracks website traffic to help us understand user behaviour, engagement, popular pages, and conversion metrics.

Armed with this data, our SEO team will conduct the SEO audit, make our analysis and form our recommendations. Depending on the size of your website, this can take up to one week.

3. SEO audit report and recommendations

Next, we will send you a comprehensive SEO audit report. We take care to present our findings in an accessible and digestible way. It’s impossible to avoid all jargon, but we make it clear how our findings affect your website’s visibility and what measures need to be taken to improve it.

4. Face to face debrief

We always insist on talking to our clients on a video call or in-person to discuss the results in more detail and answer their questions.

5. Ongoing SEO strategy development

Following the audit, there is no obligation, but you may wish to embark on a long-term SEO campaign with Targeted SEO.

In this case, we will develop a bespoke SEO campaign for the following 12 months to help drive your website up the rankings, increase website traffic and convert website visitors into valuable leads.

Depending on the outcome of the audit, your goals and your budget, we will put together a proposal that includes some or all of our other SEO services.

See details of our monthly SEO packages.

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SEO Audit FAQs

Why choose Targeted SEO to conduct an SEO audit?

At Targeted SEO, we’re proud of our organic SEO expertise and status as an industry professional. We never undertake unsolicited SEO audits or use auto-generated reporting.

You can rely on us to present you with thorough and transparent results backed up with accessible statistics and action points.

We are a team of SEO specialists, web developers, designers, and copywriters with vast industry experience. Our SEO team is friendly, enthusiastic, accessible, and keen to dispel the myth that SEO is a dark art!

FAQs about SEO audits:

How long do SEO audits take?

Depending on the size and complexity of a website, a professional SEO audit can take anywhere between a few days to a week.

How much does an SEO audit service cost?

We often include SEO auditing services as the first step in an ongoing monthly SEO campaign for our clients. If you would like a stand-alone audit, it will cost between £500 and £2,500 plus VAT depending on the size and complexity of your site.

What will I receive after the audit?

You will receive a detailed report of our findings with actionable recommendations. We offer a face-to-face debrief to explain and elaborate on the report. Should you decide to move ahead with us, we will design a bespoke SEO strategy over a recommended length of time, which is at least 12 months.

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  • Very in depth website SEO audit and understanding of our company. Professional presentation with proposed ideas and creative website concept.

    Luke Mills @ The Landscape Service