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SEO content strategy

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The internet is a content-driven landscape, and to be seen by search engines, a website must be full of useful, relevant information. An SEO content strategy is key to improving performance in SERPs, driving organic web traffic and growing brand engagement.

seo content strategy

What is an SEO content marketing strategy?

The aim of an SEO content strategy is to create relevant, high-quality content that complements your business goals and drives organic traffic to your website.

By creating ‘content’, we mean the pages of your site (e.g. key services, landing pages, about, contact), plus blog posts, news, customer testimonials, case studies, etc. Each and every page needs to be carefully researched and crafted to give you the best chance of increased visibility for your targeted search terms.

What are the benefits of content marketing services?

Content is still king when it comes to SEO, and this means having a website with plenty of informative, well-written content that is frequently updated.

Not only does this give your site more credibility in the eyes of search engines (and so, more chances for it to be indexed for relevant searches), it has the potential to increase brand awareness and engagement.

If well-maintained over time, a good content strategy can provide you with a steady stream of organic traffic and provide a solid return on investment.

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Search engines are discerning. They judge content efficiently and ruthlessly. If your web pages are lacking in rich copy, there isn’t a lot to recommend it. Search engines favour well-crafted content for many reasons, but most of all:

1. Great content is structured and well-organised, making it easier for search engines to ‘crawl’ and make sense of.

2. Great content is rich with terms that align with what people are actually searching for.

3. Great content has internal and external links, providing more clarity to search engines and further proof of website authority.

If your content strategy ticks these boxes, Google is more likely to crawl your website regularly and index your pages, and your traffic performance will increase over time.

What’s more, the great thing about an archive of content is that it’s not going anywhere. Providing it is maintained and updated, its value will compound over time, giving you a satisfying return on your SEO investment.

Content Strategy Outline

Targeted SEO’s content strategy services

When it comes to SEO content strategies, there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach. When you work with Targeted SEO, you can expect a bespoke campaign built around your brand, budget and business goals.

Targeted SEO provides a range of content marketing services which can be tailored to your company. If you choose, we can manage your content strategy in its entirety or work alongside your in-house marketing team, providing consultancy, support and guidance.

SEO Content Audit

A successful content strategy starts with a thorough audit of your existing content. An SEO content audit involves reviewing your site’s readability, depth and quality of content, backlinks and keyword usage. The results are analysed to identify areas of improvement and opportunity, which are used to inform your bespoke content strategy.

Search Analysis and Strategy

Creating website content isn’t just a case of hiring a good writer (although that helps). You need to know what your target audience is searching for and pinpoint topics and search terms that have a high potential for website traffic. Advanced keyword strategy also involves competitor analysis. It may be fruitless to compete for keywords dominated by your competitors; often, it is longtail keywords (i.e. phrases of several words that are less competitive yet more indicative of user intent) that drive higher-quality leads. We use the latest SEO content software to uncover search terms that unlock the most value.

Content Planning

Content marketing is a long-term strategy, and time and dedication are required to see results. As part of your bespoke content strategy, we will create a content plan that includes optimising your current content and creating new pages, such as service landing pages, local doorway pages, ‘about’ pages, case studies and blog articles.

Content Creation

In days gone by, there was a tendency to throw a lot of keywords at a page and hope for the best. This artless keyword-cramming totally neglects the reader, and so search engines have evolved to spot it a mile off. The skill is to prioritise the reader while incorporating well-crafted cues to help search engines – without compromising on quality. That is our aim, as well as keeping the client’s brand and business aims in mind at all times. Our experienced content writers carry out comprehensive research and, with support from intelligent SEO content software, create content that is engaging, natural and fully optimised.

Professional Monthly SEO Consultations and Content Support

All budgets are different, and if you are ready to invest in a full suite of SEO content services, then the Targeted SEO team can add value. We can undertake professional keyword research and support your in-house team with content creation. The team will be on hand for advice and help you optimise your content ready for publication.


For us, SEO content production is not just about algorithms. It’s a perfect combination of research, analysis, creativity and empathy.

Our motivation is to produce engaging and useful content that search engines, our clients and their customers love. Not only does it help our clients to grow their business, but we think it also helps to make the internet a better place.

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If you have a few more moments to spare, take a glance at some of our most recent case studies and reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Content

Depending on your content requirements, we’re happy to set up a monthly consultation via Google Meet to talk you through the SEO content strategy.

Why work with Targeted SEO?

Whether you sell a service or product, whether your audience is local or national, or if you want to win new business online, then on-page SEO is essential. Apply for an SEO consultation today:

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  • We have used SEO companies in the past and been disappointed in their results, just sending through a generic update report once a month with no strategic thinking and proactive plan to improve our website traffic. Targeted SEO are working on our website and organic SEO campaign and so far we’ve been impressed with the level of service we have received. Our new website is now starting to generate new leads and enquiries and do the job it was designed for.

    Jasmine Lambert @ Redwood Financial
  • I’ve worked with Ben and the team at Targeted a while and I highly recommend their services. Very professional and a highly skilled technically. 5 stars.

    Steve Humprey @ The Mortgage Pod
  • I highly recommend Targeted SEO to anyone serious about making their pest control business a success. I have been impressed with the quality work supplied which has enabled my business to grow and profit.

    Matthew Blackwell @ Project Multi Pest
  • Targeted SEO have recently built our recruitment business a brand new website. Dealing with Ben is like a breath of fresh air. He’s responsive, professional and really easy to deal with. We’re delighted with the website and can’t wait to show it to our customers.

    Ben Leeds @ JLA Resourcing
  • We have been working with Ben and Harry for over a year now and we are delighted with the results we are getting. They have a very defined process which we follow that plays a big part in helping us get excellent results. They are clearly experts in what they do, very professional and good fun to work with.

    Roland Moss @ Butt Miler Chartered Accountants