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There’s a lot of jargon and complexity in technical SEO, but it has two simple objectives – to improve user experience and increase visibility in search engine results.

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Demystifying Technical SEO

From outside the SEO industry, we realise that technical SEO jargon can be confusing at best and, at worst, used to scaremonger or blindside clients. While there is a lot of expertise involved in technical SEO, Targeted SEO is passionate about demystifying it.

What is technical SEO?

Think of technical SEO as fine-tuning a website’s behind-the-scenes machinery to enhance its performance. Success is measured mainly by how the newly-calibrated web pages are crawled and indexed in search engine results pages (SERPs) over time.

The tools and processes used in technical SEO, such as optimising file sizes and creating schema markup, enable Google to render a website and make sense of its contents.

Search engine ‘crawlers’ start on whichever page they may first land on and follow links throughout your website. For the visually minded among you, the crawlers or ‘spiders’ weave together a web of pages, otherwise known as indexing.

Why is technical SEO important?

Once search engine spiders have got to work, Google’s infamously advanced algorithms analyse the website’s content and structure. It also evaluates keywords, headings, and internal and external links.

This data is then used to determine how relevant and valuable a website’s content is for specific search queries.

And that’s why technical SEO implementation is so, so important – if your website doesn’t talk Google’s language, then it can be excluded from its index and has little chance of appearing highly in search results.

Why do I need technical SEO services?

A website that lacks technical optimisation is likely to be slow, clunky, poorly organised and hard to use – we’ve all come across a few of those.

It will undoubtedly experience poor organic search engine rankings, meaning it will be virtually invisible and receive very little organic traffic. The users that do stumble upon it will certainly lose patience and move on, which is described as a high ‘bounce rate’.

If your website is not performing, i.e. it doesn’t appear in relevant Google searches, has too few visitors and isn’t generating leads, then it’s likely that it needs some technical SEO auditing.

Fortunately, Targeted SEO is a team of highly experienced technical SEO consultants and practitioners. We have a whole host of techniques and SEO tools up our virtual sleeves to transform your website performance, enhance user experience and drive conversions.

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SEO Services

What’s included in our Technical SEO Services?

At Targeted SEO, we take a unique approach to every SEO campaign we undertake, depending on the client’s particular niche or industry, their website’s current organic search performance and their business goals.

While different campaigns utilise different tactics such as local SEO, content strategy and on-page, the one thread that connects them is technical SEO consultancy.

We provide technical SEO services as standard in all of our monthly packages, as it’s the backbone of any site and essential to improving organic search performance.

Here is a summary of the kind of technical SEO work we do here at Targeted SEO.

Technical SEO Audits

Every SEO campaign begins with a technical SEO audit. Using professional SEO software such as Google Search Console, Screaming Frog and Ahrefs, we’ll give your site the technical once-over. From there, we’ll let you know what is working well, what’s not working quite so well and what is missing. There’s no dark arts involved, we’ll talk you through any technical SEO issues and be completely transparent with the results – we’re happy to bore you with as many stats and graphs as you wish!

WordPress Website Design

There are many content management systems (CMS) out there, but not all are created equal. When it comes to technical SEO, WordPress emerges as a natural leader. This powerful CMS has a search engine-friendly nature that allows it to effortlessly speak to search engine algorithms. That’s why it’s the go-to for SEO professionals. If your site is built in another CMS, we can migrate it across to WordPress, minimising the risk of losing organic search engine visibility. That said, we can comfortably offer consultations and auditing until you are ready to make the switch to WordPress.

On-page Optimisation

On-page optimisation is the process of optimising individual web pages to improve their visibility and relevance to search engines. On-page technical elements can include ensuring content is displayed in a user-friendly manner across devices and is accessible to users. The focus is on making the page valuable and user-friendly.

Re-optimised On-page Content

Your website content may be excellent, but if it isn’t well structured, then it’s not serving you. We can breathe new life into your web pages and re-optimise your existing content to maximise its impact. Our team of skilled technical SEO specialists will conduct a thorough analysis of your website’s content, identifying opportunities to enhance the rendering of the web pages content.

Performance Optimisation

Website performance is a crucial factor in online success. Slow-loading websites not only frustrate users, Google doesn’t like them either! So if your site speed is not up to scratch, it will have a negative impact on its potential to rank. Our technical SEO services are designed to give your website the speed and agility it needs to engage users and signal a good UX to search engines. We employ industry best practices such as compressing images, leveraging caching and minimising server response time to make your website super-speedy, help boost engagement and make a lasting impression.

Succesful SEO Website Migrations

Website migration refers to the process of moving a website from one domain, platform, or structure to another. We can ensure a smooth process to preserve your site’s functionality, design, and organic rankings.

Improved User Experience (UX)

Of course, user experience is not just important from a technical SEO perspective, it signals the quality of your brand. Carefully structured data, site speed, and mobile-friendliness all combine to help the user navigate the site easily, which encourages longer dwell time and brand engagement.

Core Web Vitals Optimisation

This refers to optimising key metrics like page loading speed to meet modern web standards and deliver a seamless browsing experience. It also involves managing visual stability, i.e. how all the elements on the page behave when it is loading or being interacted with, to avoid disrupting the user experience.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Driving organic traffic to your site is only half the battle. We look to improve the series of steps or stages that a user goes through, from their initial interaction to completing a desired action, such as submitting a contact form, ultimately leading to a conversion – otherwise known as a website’s conversion funnel. From crafting compelling calls-to-action and improving landing page layouts to enhancing user experience and creating effective contact forms, we’ll fine-tune every aspect of your website to maximise conversions.

Structured Data Optimisation services

Structured data optimisation involves implementing schema markup, i.e. structured data vocabulary in the HTML code of a web page, to provide search engines with more detailed information about the page’s content. This enables them to understand what your site’s pages are about and index them in search engine result pages (SERPs). It also enables enhanced search results, i.e. additional information, snippets and visual elements displayed in SERPs beyond the traditional title, URL, and meta description. This provides users with more context and a richer preview of the content, such as local business information, review ratings, media, service and price details, and more.

Analytics and Reporting via consultation

At Targeted SEO, we believe in providing transparent and insightful analytics to our clients in regular consultations and bespoke video presentations. We often use Loom, a powerful video messaging tool, to create reports that walk clients through their website’s performance metrics, conversion rates, traffic sources, and other key performance indicators. Beyond the mere data, our consultations are a chance to catch up on what’s going on in your world in order to make sure your SEO strategy supports your evolving business strategy. By combining regular consultations and Loom walk-throughs, our goal is to ensure that you have a clear picture of your SEO progress at all times.


Frequently Asked Questions About Technical SEO

Here are some FAQs that will help demystify this crucial aspect of optimising your website for search engines.

A technical SEO agency that gets real results

As your technical SEO consultant, we can transform your website’s performance, as we have done for many satisfied clients. Our technical SEO services are delivered by a highly-skilled and friendly team of professionals who are always available to provide support and to answer your questions.

Far from just being a technical SEO company, we can offer you fully integrated SEO services such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO, content strategy, website design and hosting. If you’re not sure what you need, that’s OK. We will conduct a thorough consultation before presenting our findings and recommendations for elevating your SEO performance.

To enquire further about our SEO services and to apply for a consultation, please get in touch.

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  • We have used Targeted to build our new website for a mortgage brokerage and also to do all our SEO and wow what a website and we have seen amazing results in a short space of time. Pushing to 1st page of Google on keywords in brand new locations!

    Andrew Simmonds @ Simmonds Mortgage Services
  • Targeted SEO have recently built our recruitment business a brand new website. Dealing with Ben is like a breath of fresh air. He’s responsive, professional and really easy to deal with. We’re delighted with the website and can’t wait to show it to our customers.

    Ben Leeds @ JLA Resourcing
  • Simply amazing service and support. I’ve used numerous other SEO companies and none even come close to the level of service and experience that Ben & his team have. I will be recommending Targeted SEO to others without hesitation.

    Joe Davies @ Malum Integrated Pest Management
  • I highly recommend Targeted SEO to anyone serious about making their pest control business a success. I have been impressed with the quality work supplied which has enabled my business to grow and profit.

    Matthew Blackwell @ Project Multi Pest
  • We have been working with Ben and his team now for sometime and the results they have delivered has surpassed our expectation and really wowed us with their know how and service. We conducted a review with them and the results were yet again really great so we don’t see their fees as a cost we see it as an investment in our business and is great value for money.

    Steven Blofield @ Redwood Financial