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Top 5 reasons to invest in SEO right now


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5 reasons to invest in seo

The great thing about SEO marketing services today is that they are reactive in their nature, and with consumer behaviour set to change dramatically over the next few months, SEO can provide your business with the tools it needs to keep up.

Below we list the top 5 reasons why you should keep investing in SEO during a recession:

SEO helps you get ahead of the competition

SEO is a constant game of cat and mouse. But when you get it right, it is also a powerful brand marketing channel. As such, you’re paying to be in that medium and to take a larger share of the search than your competitors.

So whilst your competition starts to tighten their purse strings and reduce their SEO budgets as a direct response to the economic climate, you can take advantage of higher search engine results thanks to a less cluttered market space.

Remember, cancelling your SEO from your marketing budget won’t help your business succeed; it will just help your competitors prosper. Likewise, their loss is your gain when you continue to invest in your SEO budget.

Come out the other side of a recession stronger than ever

When money is very tight, you have to focus on keeping your business alive long enough to take advantage of the better times that are still to come.

It is crucial that, as a brand, you understand that organic marketing needs to be created during a recession. This is because your target audience will still be searching – even if they are not purchasing.

SEO gives your brand the visibility it needs to those shopping online. Therefore now is the time to look at competitive keyword research and get your web page’s ranking ready to stimulate sales!

SEO has long-term benefits

When you stop investing in PPC, you stop being top of the search results when it comes to paid ads. However, SEO is a long game; the marketing inputs created today will result in sales outputs and potential customers long into the future.

So stopping your SEO spend won’t cause a problem right now, but in the second half of the year, when your enquiries completely start to dry up, and your competitors have gained market share by not cutting their budgets, you will find yourself in hot water.

A consistent digital presence and an evolving SEO strategy that can be modified and adjusted is the best way for your brand to remain at the top of search engines. And the good news is that you’ll still be perfectly placed to reap the rewards when the recession passes.

SEO is an extension of your digital marketing strategy

It is time to stop thinking of SEO as a cost and more of an investment, and taking an integrated marketing approach is a must if you want to succeed.

Ideally, your marketing campaigns will unify your website performance with your digital PR, blogs, social content and PPC.

So beware, if you start cutting costs in one or other of these areas such as SEO, then you won’t be utilising your online marketing budget to the max. This means that some of these other advertising channels may suffer as a consequence.

SEO is sustainable and ethical

When SEO first came on the scene, it was considered a bit of a dark art that no one other than SEO professionals and Google search bots really understood. Additionally, the practice of SEO mainly involved high-volume keywords and plagiarised content.

Today, although SEO seems a lot more technical and determined by algorithms, it’s driven by the principle of creating unique and meaningful content.

Good practice SEO should see your search engine results page driving trustworthy relevant traffic through to your website.

What SEO services should you be investing in?

The SEO services you should be investing in depend entirely on your overall strategy.

For some, on-page SEO is a priority, making sure your content is appealing to search engines and customers. This can involve adding text and images to individual pages or optimising what is already there. Blogging, internal linking web pages and ensuring that page descriptions and titles appear in search results can all help to give your website the boost it needs.

If you have further investment, then we strongly advise setting it aside for some off-page SEO. This can involve link building to other websites, guest blogging and using influencer marketing to leverage your brand.

Local SEO is also important if you want to make your business more visible online to local customers, and is often a priority for small businesses.

What are costly mistakes in SEO?

There are many reasons why your SEO may not be as cost-effective as you would like. This could be attributed to any of the following:

Choosing quantity over quality when it comes to content. Google likes unique, trustworthy, purposeful content and will favour these in online searches. There is no point going after long-tail keywords and producing a 2,000-word blog if it isn’t relevant to the user.

Choosing to optimise the wrong keywords. It is important to have keyword targets, but only providing they are appropriate to your business and consumers.

Ignoring local SEO practices. More and more people are using smart devices to search for local businesses. If you are not set up in the Google map pack or sharing your reviews online, you could be missing out on potential customers close by.

Failing to audit your website on an ongoing basis. Whether there is a new Google update to consider, content that is out of date or internal links that no longer work, it is really important that you audit your website regularly.

But by far, the biggest mistake people make regarding SEO is to push the pause button and cancel this vital marketing channel! SEO is not a magic wand that can be waved with instant success guaranteed, but an infinite game that needs to be played to keep your competition at bay.

Is SEO cheaper than PPC?

Both SEO and PPC have their benefits and often work best when utilised in tandem.

Some people, however, may look at SEO and consider it costly and time-consuming compared to PPC. This is because SEO is much more cost-efficient when used over an extended period of time.

When you build up a bank of current content that ranks highly, it will effectively drive organic traffic to your website. Although you may need patience when it comes to your SEO strategy, when you get it right, you’ll reap the benefits with a website that has Google-pleasing copy and is search engine optimised.

In contrast, with PPC, when customers click on your link you pay directly for that lead. Stop paying for those search terms, however, and it’s unlikely that potential customers will even know you exist.

Ask a specialist SEO agency for advice

Should you require advice for your SEO strategy then contact Targeted SEO. We can advise you on best practices, examine your website as part of an SEO audit, and put a plan in place to increase your website visibility in the organic search results.

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