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At Targeted SEO we have a proven track record in delivering industry-leading websites for accountants, designed to produce real results. We specialise in developing bespoke WordPress sites for both local and national accountancy firms, to increase accounting leads, online presence and help grow accounting practices.
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Search Optimised Websites for Accounting firms

Our website design service is unique as our clients benefit from our considerable expertise in results-driven SEO. Each accounting website we design is fully optimised for search engines, helping accounting firms to climb the Google local rankings and achieve a competitive advantage.

We ensure that our clients get the maximum value out of their digital marketing spend, resulting in tangible, measurable benefits.

We will help your accounting company to:

We have worked with Targeted SEO for a number of years now and highly recommend them. They have contributed towards the growth of our business (over 600 clients and counting) through their effective SEO and web design service. They also successfully managed the rebranding of our company website so no rankings and traffic were lost, developed a local SEO campaign and continue to provide a valuable marketing service to our business.

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If you would like to find out more about our professional and highly skilled web design and SEO services for accountants, please get in touch today for a consultation.
SEO for accountants

SEO for accountants

If you have an objective to grow your accounting business, then you simply can’t afford to ignore SEO. You can invest in the fanciest site that your marketing budget will allow, but it is worthless if your potential clients can’t find it.

SEO is the key to online visibility for accountant websites in the crowded financial services market. It can help to distinguish you from the competition, rank higher in website searches, drive website traffic, and generate enquiries. And the beauty of SEO for accountants is that it’s a numbers game. Your success can be easily measured using smart, live analytic tools.

The advantage of choosing Targeted SEO’s web design service is, of course, that we will build your website to prioritise SEO performance. For a more detailed overview please visit our SEO for accountants page.

If you wish to position your company as an authoritative industry voice and increase your website’s visibility to search engines, then it must be chock full of valuable information that extends beyond a list of your services.
Most professional accountants recognise the value of a good GMB listing, but we can help to harness the benefits further, to help get you into the sought after local ‘Google 3-Pack’ – the golden ticket to lead generation.
If your business targets customers in specific locations then it’s vital your website is at the top of the local results. We can develop a local SEO strategy to help drive local website traffic.
Most professional accountants recognise the value of a good GMB listing, but we can help to harness the benefits further, to help get you into the sought after local ‘Google 3-Pack’ – the golden ticket to lead generation.
In order to meet Google’s high standards, and that of your clients’, your website must be fast, responsive, easy to navigate and optimised for mobile. See more on this below.
Inbound links are crucial to your website’s ability to rank. The more links you have pointing to yours from trustworthy websites, the better your website will perform for competitive searches.
seo and web design for accountants
Example of a website we have designed and developed for Treetops Accountants.
optimised web design for financial advisors

Optimised website design for accountants

It’s easy to list what a client is looking for in a new accountant: professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable, articulate, organised, approachable, easy to work with. If your accounting firm’s website doesn’t convey those qualities, then it’s unlikely to convince anyone to pursue their enquiry.

In these days of social distancing, your website fulfils the role of your front office more than ever. When a potential client lands on any page of your website (not just the homepage), they are relying on its quality to tell them what they need to know about your company. If they can’t find what they are looking for with ease, then there are thousands of alternatives just a click away.

In order to match the ever-increasing expectations of your potential clients and to improve your online visibility, we employ the following strategies in our website designs.

branding for accountants

Brand building

Of the hundreds of thousands of UK accountant websites, most are promoting the same or similar services. It is essential therefore to convey a strong, consistent brand to help your company to stand out.

We have a deep understanding of what makes brands engaging and will craft a distinctive online presence for your accountancy firm. We design bespoke WordPress websites that reflect the unique qualities of your business and inspire trust and engagement in the user.

mobile web design for financial advisors

Fast and responsive

As online consumers, we all understand the joy of a fast and responsive browsing experience. Our online selves have little patience when it comes to finding the information we need and we naturally favour fast loading websites. And Google facilitates this perfectly by including load speed in its rankings.

In order to fulfil this need for speed, we deliver agile websites with fast load times regardless of which platform they are being viewed on. This gives you the best chance of engaging a website visitor and converting them into a valuable lead.

easy to use accounting websites

Easy to use for your potential clients

When considering a new accountant, clients seek the reassurance of quick and easy access to information. If your accountant website is sprawling and difficult to navigate, it will not inspire confidence in the user. By allowing us to build your website from the bottom up, we will ensure that it is structured logically, with a clean navigation bar, a coherent flow of information, and intuitive links. A satisfied visitor is far more likely to dwell on the page and return to your website in the future if they find what they are looking for, giving you the best chance of a converting them into a lead.
Wordpress CMS

Powerful Content Management System

When judging the relevance and value of a website, Google looks to see how well maintained it is and how often new content is added. So it’s essential that your new website is easy to manage. The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) makes light work of editing your website, without the need to take a crash course in coding. You may choose to leave the maintenance side to us, but the ability to make quick changes and respond to current events, eg. changes in finance legislation, can be very valuable in terms of time and cost-saving.
copywriting for accountants

Rich Content

Rich website content is an essential element for SEO success. Google bots are very discerning and ‘crawl’ pages for valuable and relevant content to include in their rankings. A great way to build a website full of content is to include a blog or news section. Regular, well-written articles provide quality assurance to Google and give you the best chance of ranking when web users ask a specific question, eg. ” do sole traders need an accountant?”. While an archive full of valuable and relevant content will certainly increase your website’s ranking, it is not the sole benefit. In a specialised area such as accounting, reputation is everything and a regular blog provides a great opportunity to establish your firm as a trusted industry voice.
lead generation for financial advisors

Lead Generation for accountants

Your fully-optimised and beautiful new site will absolutely generate new enquiries. It’s important, therefore, to make sure that new prospects can contact you with ease. To convert visits into enquiries, we strategically place calls to action (CTAs) throughout your website to encourage visitors to email or pick up the phone. The use of ‘contact us’ icons throughout your site, linking to a classic enquiry form, makes it simple and enticing for visitors to get in touch. We can also facilitate live chat for instant engagement with visitors to your site.
local seo for accountants

Local SEO for Accountants

Web users often include ‘geo qualifiers’ in their search enquiry, eg. “accountancy firms in Guildford”. If you are a small or medium-sized firm operating in a particular town or city, it’s essential that you appear in your local searches for accounting services, or you risk losing valuable business. There is a specific type of markup code that can be added to accounting websites to make it easier for Google to identify the services you offer. Along with other smart tools and plugins, we include this markup code in all of our website designs, to ensure that your business features highly in local searches.
monitoring website performance

Tracking the success of your new accountant website

Should you decide to employ our services on a monthly, rolling basis you will be able to chart the success of your new website with ease. While it might be unrealistic to expect huge overnight success, you will begin to see progress from the outset. Given time, you will enjoy watching your web presence grow as you steadily move up the rankings. But we don’t expect you just to take our word for it. As numbers people, we know you will want to see hard evidence that your new website design and SEO strategy is working. We believe in transparent reporting and we can provide detailed tracking analysis using tools such as Google Analytics and Keyword Rank Tracking. We allow our clients full administrative access so they can monitor website performance.
Targeted SEO for web design

Why choose Targeted SEO for accountant website design?

Our team has extensive marketing experience and can offer you a comprehensive and highly skilled service, including website design, SEO, social media management, and copywriting. Our website designs are of a very high standard, filled with engaging content that jumps off the page.

We specialise in website design for accountants and are proud to count many among our valued client base. They recommend us for our professional, honest and open approach, along with our superb customer support. Our specific experience of working with accountants means that we have a great understanding of your market and your services, so you can be sure you are in safe hands.

We have a proven track record in getting results for our accountant clients. We have a number of website and SEO packages available to suit your unique requirements and budget. Our friendly and approachable team would be delighted to discuss your specific web design and digital marketing requirements. So do get in touch and find out more about how we can help your accountancy business to reach its full potential.


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frequently asked questions

We begin each web design project by discussing the client’s individual requirements. We are happy to do this over the phone, zoom or if you are based near to Southampton we can visit you at your place of work.
We understand that accountants have busy schedules and how marketing projects such as website design take up valuable time. Although it would help the project along if you could provide us with content, we can support you by offering our copywriting services and by sourcing imagery. Just ask us to include it in your quote.
We recommend retaining our services on a rolling monthly basis so we can develop your SEO strategy and help improve your rankings and website traffic. Search engine optimisation isn’t a ‘set and forget’ solution. It’s a continuous process and should be part of your monthly marketing budget.
Along with our web design service, we can provide hosting services for a monthly fee. Our servers are fast and secure and have minimum downtime. We can also register a domain name for you to use for your website.

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