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Content is king – how to produce click worthy copy


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Most companies are happy to pour their money into website design, but they often prioritise style over substance and forget just how important the content can be. What your website says about you and your business is critical to your success, and with such a small window of opportunity in which to influence decisions, first impressions really do count.

If your content is littered with mistakes, then the impression you make could be a lasting one – and for all the wrong reasons. Get it right, and you will engage with potential consumers, retain customers, increase your search engine rankings and achieve new leads and sales.

We all know that content is king – after all Google is crawling the web looking for good quality content to rank. But, if writing isn’t your strong point, then it would be money well spent to invest in a professional copywriter who can add some creative flair to your website. If you are not sure where to start, but need crowd-pleasing, Google-loving content that will enhance your brand and deliver on your commercial objectives; then we can help.

Here are our top tips to get you started:

Attention grabbing headlines: It is important to make sure that you engage with your customers from the moment they enter your site. Try to start with a good headline as this is often the first thing that people will see – and if they don’t connect with it – it could be their last.  The perfect headline should not only evoke curiosity but create great click through rates. To do this, your headlines should be clear, business relevant and google optimised to include your keyword topics within your meta descriptions and title tags.

Keeping it real with original content: 

Everyone wants to be original and offer something different from the competition. When creating high quality content, Google and other search engines will check to see how relevant and authentic it is. The more original the content, the higher up you are likely to rank.

Google will penalise you for duplication of copy or for churning out the same messaging month after month. So keep it fresh, find your forte, say it slightly differently or voice your own opinion and you will be well rewarded.

Lost interest?

It is important that your words bounce off the page, yet your consumers don’t. With just a matter of seconds to pique their attention, it is crucial that you continue to hold it.

Knowing your audience allows you to not only tailor your copy to focus on specific wants and needs, but enables you to create niche content. When you provide the perfect solution to a problem you can become the authority on the subject matter, giving them no further reason to click elsewhere.

Boost your website with keyword and topical content: Your keywords and topics are important for driving traffic and attention and ultimately helping you to boost your SERP’s. The content should be unique to each page of your website and perfectly describe your products and services.

The best place for highlighting your keywords are within appealing and well-written content. Providing that each sentence flows in a natural and relevant manner, the copy you produce should contain the right amount of SEO, without the need for keyword stuffing.

Time to blog:

Creating a blog will enable you to give your brand a tone of voice and connect with your audience. Here you can share relevant information about the latest market trends, product updates and exciting brand news, whilst encouraging positive feedback.

Thanks to the power of social media, blogging can allow you to spread the word about your business to a potentially massive audience and, when written in a carefully considered way, can generate likes, shares and a loyal following. A blog can also be effective in driving traffic to your website and increase backlinks by positioning your brand as an authority in its field.

Reap the rewards:

Well written copy should not only spark an interest but elicit a response. This may be in the form of signing up for more information, leaving an email address, sharing content or even making a sale. It is therefore important that you consider the different types of call to actions you might want users to make, whilst visiting your website.

Reviews: Don’t just let potential customers take your word for it, add a testimonial or two to your homepage and let others sing your praises. Over 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, so by showcasing your client reviews you are not only boosting your credibility but having a direct influence on how people view your business.

Let’s get social:

It is hard to generate posts that people like, comment on and want to share and it takes a strong set of writing skills to be able to produce content that has online value and appeal.

Social content needs to be concise whilst entertaining, educating, exciting and engaging to the reader at all times. Becoming a social wordsmith is made even more difficult thanks to the way in which each social channel is consumed. What works well on Facebook may not work well on Twitter, so make sure that you craft your copy to connect with each audience.

Test and tweak: 

Finally, once your website, blog or social post is live, it is important that you don’t forget about it. Make sure that you are keeping tabs on how it’s performing and tweak accordingly. If people aren’t reading your work or are bouncing out, you’ll need to review your copy and consider where you can make improvements.

Remember, Google loves new content and the more relevant and powerful the copy you generate the more awareness, authority and conversions you’ll receive.

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