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A specialist SEO & Web Design agency in Southampton

Targeted SEO is an agency specialising in organic SEO, website design and content strategy. Our clients are forward-thinking companies that want to grow their online presence and attract new business.

First and foremost, we love what we do. SEO has so many possibilities and in the right hands it can be transformative. We see evidence of SEO working for companies on a daily basis, helping them to be more competitive and profitable.

Targeted SEO started out as a small team and we know firsthand the challenges that SMEs face. So it’s very fulfilling to deliver tangible results for our clients and watch their business grow. SEO is accessible to all and we’re keen to pass on the love to ambitious business owners.

Organic search is thought to account for well over a half of all web traffic. That’s why everything we do is geared towards increasing our clients’ visibility in organic search results.

We use our SEO expertise to create brand enhancing websites that attract attention. If your goals are to:

  • Generate more leads
  • Become more visible in search results
  • Earn a healthy return on your marketing investment

Then get in touch to apply for an SEO consultation and find out how Targeted SEO can help your business reach its full potential.


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What we can achieve for your business

We’re guessing you’re here because you recognise the value of SEO and want to find out how it can help your company to grow. You’ve come to the right place – our enthusiasm for SEO is contagious. We are a results driven team and we see evidence of SEO in action for our clients every day. We’d love the chance to do the same for your business.

  • Increase visibility in organic searches

    If you have invested in a website that’s invisible in search engine result pages (SERPs), we understand your frustration. Google has an increasingly sophisticated algorithms that determine your website’s fate. Fortunately, we have the experience, skills and tech to elevate your online presence.

  • Increase targeted traffic to your website

    If you are looking to grow your business online, a healthy click-through rate (CTR) is essential. Without question, organic search results drive the majority of website traffic, which is why everything we do is aimed at improving your site’s organic ranking potential.

  • Increase the number and quality of your leads

    To convert website visitors into solid leads requires a well crafted website with SEO at its core. An excellent user experience (UX), meaningful content and high standard of design are all essential. Our SEO campaigns deliver on all counts and accelerate CRO (conversion rate optimisation) to win more clients.

  • Achieve a return on your investment

    The most beautiful thing about SEO (in our eyes, at least) is that although it may seem like a leap of faith, the results are measurable. Your market spend can be offset with analysis and hard numbers. Those expecting a spike overnight will be disappointed, as SEO is most certainly a long game. Given time though, a skilfully implemented SEO strategy is the best marketing investment you can make.

  • Build your brand

    To compete online your website must meet Google’s exacting standards. It has to be packed with useful information as well as being attractive, fast, reliable and easy to use. As a result, SEO can enhance a brand’s credibility and reputation. But at Targeted SEO, we don’t see brand building as simply a by-product of SEO. We take a brand-led approach to enhance USPs and help clients to attract their ideal customers.

SEO Agency Services

Our SEO services.

The Targeted SEO team has a great mix of skill and expertise to bring your company to life online. Our range of services is broad, but don’t worry if you’re not sure what you need. Through careful consultation, we will build a bespoke monthly SEO and web design package for you.

  • SEO Content Strategy

    The importance of content has grown in recent years as search engines get more sophisticated. We pack websites with brand-enhancing content that satisfies Google and engages readers.

  • Optimised Web Design

    It all starts with an expertly crafted, brand-enhancing website. We design fast, fully optimised websites that are a pleasure to use and help to make the internet a better place.

  • On-Page SEO Services

    We use industry-leading technology and SEO know-how to create websites that search engines love. We have a wide range of professional techniques at our disposal to ensure your site speaks the same language as Google.

  • SEO Consultancy

    Think of SEO consultancy as a partnership between you and a team of search engine optimisation specialists. We delve into the intricate world of algorithms, keyword research, and website technicalities, translating complex jargon into actionable strategies tailored to your unique business goals.

  • Technical SEO Services

    There’s a lot of jargon and complexity in technical SEO, but it has two simple objectives – to improve user experience and increase visibility in search engine results.

  • Off-Page SEO Services

    Google doesn’t just take a website at face value – it looks for evidence to back up its claims. We use trusted offsite SEO techniques, such as backlinks, to enhance the credibility of your website.

  • Local SEO Services

    If you are competing on a local level, then local SEO is crucial in helping customers find your business – before they find your competitors. We can help you dominate local business searches using tried and tested local SEO techniques.

  • Brand Development

    As part of our bespoke SEO packages, we offer brand development services in line with your business strategy. We can transform your visual brand and develop a distinct tone of voice to convey your key messages.

  • Website Maintenance and Hosting

    Your website is in safe hands with Targeted SEO. We have our own secure server and perform maintenance to ensure our sites work at optimum capacity and remain protected from online threats.

  • National SEO Services

    Ambitious SMEs shouldn’t be deterred from competing nationally, especially for online products and services. We have the advice, software and techniques you need to even the playing field and get noticed.

  • SEO Audit Services

    If you’re curious about your current website’s SEO performance, then approach us for an audit. We will deliver an impartial report showing your website’s key metrics and actionable conclusions.

  • Bespoke SEO Training

    Forget what you’ve heard – SEO is not a dark art. Anyone can pick up basic SEO skills, especially when coached by experienced, practising SEO consultants like Targeted SEO. Our bespoke training caters to varying skill levels and all kinds of businesses, freelancers, agencies and marketing teams.


Industries we specialise in

While our SEO and web design expertise can be applied to any type of business, there are a few in which we truly excel. Perhaps it’s our shared love of numbers and analysis which makes us particularly successful in creating SEO strategies for the financial, insurance and mortgage sectors.

  • Automotive

    SEO is essential for your automotive services business to appear in local searches. Targeted SEO can deliver a fully optimised website designed to stand out in the search results, drive more traffic and increase valuable enquiries.

  • Construction & Trades

    As a skilled construction expert or tradesperson, your website should match the quality of your services. An SEO campaign can enhance your reputation online and ensure your website ranks highly for your services in your local area.

  • SEO for financial services


    For our clients in the finance sector, SEO has proved to be a wise investment. Our websites have SEO best practice at the core and are designed to reflect your professional reputation, reach a wider audience and generate more leads.

  • Luxury Brands

    As a supplier of high-end goods or services, it’s essential you reach luxury consumers online, and that includes search engine results.

  • SEO for pest control company

    Pest Control & Environment

    Trust, reassurance and reliability are everything when it comes to pest control. That’s why your website should portray the professional reputation that you’ve worked hard to build if you want to win business online.

  • Private Healthcare

    The demand for private healthcare continues to grow, as does the use of search engines to answer health-related questions. We help healthcare businesses to identify the topics their potential clients are searching for to widen their target audience.

  • SEO for renewable energy companies

    Renewable Energy

    At Targeted SEO, we provide quality SEO for renewable energy companies across the sector, including solar power companies, wind energy experts, heat pump specialists and many others.

  • We have used Targeted to build our new website for a mortgage brokerage and also to do all our SEO and wow what a website and we have seen amazing results in a short space of time. Pushing to 1st page of Google on keywords in brand new locations!

    Andrew Simmonds @ Simmonds Mortgage Services
  • Really happy with the work done by the team. They have massively improved our website’s look. It looks so professional! Potential customers looking at the website will now have a great representation of what we’re are and what we stand for. The team is very responsive and are really great guys. Thanks guys 🙂

    Chris Demetriou @ Archimedia Accounts
  • We have used SEO companies in the past and been disappointed in their results, just sending through a generic update report once a month with no strategic thinking and proactive plan to improve our website traffic. Targeted SEO are working on our website and organic SEO campaign and so far we’ve been impressed with the level of service we have received. Our new website is now starting to generate new leads and enquiries and do the job it was designed for.

    Jasmine Lambert @ Redwood Financial
  • Targeted SEO recently moved my website from Wix to WordPress. Very smooth transition with no issues at all. They also completed a full rebrand of my business and captured my vision completely! Very professional looking site with great feedback from our clients already. Friendly team, very quick to respond to requests, I look forward to working with you guys on the SEO going forwards!

    James Wheeler @ Jameco Group
  • We have worked with Targeted SEO for a number of years now and highly recommend them. They have contributed towards the growth of our business (over 600 clients and counting) through their effective SEO and web design service. They also successfully managed the rebranding of our company website so no rankings and traffic were lost, developed a local SEO campaign and continue to provide a valuable marketing service to our business.

    Jeri Williams @ Smooth Accounting