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Why your website must be responsive


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Long gone are the days when you used your mobile phone just to make a call. Today, smartphones have overtaken desktops and are becoming the preferred means for surfing the web. And, with more people opting to do their product research when on the go, online sales from smartphone devices are up a staggering 64% compared to the average desktop conversion rate.

There are many ways in which people are choosing to access the internet. From mobile phones to tablets, games consoles, TV’s and of course desktop computers; it is important to ensure that your website is responsive.

Responsive means that the look of your website will automatically change the way in which it is presented to the user, depending on the device that it is being viewed on. But do not confuse responsive with mobile friendly. A mobile only website will only look good when viewed on a mobile device, but will be difficult to read and navigate when scaled up to larger devices.

So, a word of warning, if you have not yet optimised your website so that your products and services are easy to view across all mobile platforms, then you could be losing out on potential sales.

Despite the popularity of online purchasing and the evolution of new technology, there are still many businesses whose websites are not designed to work across multiple devices. In this post we look at why having a responsive website, such as our own <a href=””>TargetedSEO</a>, is so important for marketing and online sales.

User experience

It is a well-known fact that the better the user experience, the higher the chance of a sale and recommendation. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Google showed that over 60% of people who struggled to access a mobile site were unlikely to ever return, with 40% choosing to visit a competitor site instead.

Unresponsive websites often distort, struggle to display images, take longer to load and are difficult to scroll through. So, if you want to avoid being part of this statistic, you need to ensure that your website is responsive. That way you can rest assured knowing that your website is easy to view, your brand is consistent, and your potential consumers can access information in a logical manner; regardless of the device they are using.

Benefits for SEO

It was announced this year that Google would be rolling out a new algorithm that favours mobile friendly websites within its search results. This means that failure to design a responsive website could see you slipping down the rankings.

The reason behind this change, is that Google wants to cut down the amount of information it must crawl through to index your site. As a responsive website uses just a single URL structure, you can simplify this process for Google. It also makes life easier for you when making changes to your website as it eliminates the chance of errors upon replication – so everyone’s a winner.

Vloggers, bloggers and social channels

Over 55% of people use their mobile devices when on the go, for checking and updating their social media channels. This rise in social consumption has led to an explosion of vloggers and bloggers and an increase in likes and shares across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

There has never been a better time for your business to start getting social, by linking out to other websites and producing or endorsing relevant content. If done well, this can encourage additional traffic through to you site. But, don’t leave your users frustrated; make sure that their entire customer journey is mobile friendly and responsive to their user needs.

Future proofing

It appears that we cannot function on a day to day basis without our mobile phone, tablets, smartwatches and computers. The fast pace of technological evolution means that as soon as something new arrives on the market, it is superseded by the next best thing. Is it therefore any wonder that we struggle to keep up?

One of the greatest benefits of having a responsive design is that reacting to changes in the market can be quick and easy, with only one website to update and maintain. Plus, the size of a user’s device need never be an issue. Whether they are choosing to visit your website from a watch screen or TV, your site will look just as striking, load just as quickly and be just as easy to navigate around. Who knows what the future will bring in terms of technology, but it is likely to be faster, more streamlined and more competitive. So now is the time to be responsive.

Who knows what the future will bring in terms of technology, but it is likely to be faster, more streamlined and more competitive. So now is the time to be responsive.

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