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Targeted SEO exhibited at BPCA PestEx 2024 and this is what we learned

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exhibiting at British pest control association PestEx 2024

The team spent a very productive couple of days exhibiting at the UK’s leading pest management show PestEx, held by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) at ExCeL London.

What was a digital marketing agency doing at PestEx 2024?

At Targeted SEO, we offer industry-specific advice to help clients generate more revenue from their websites. It’s really important to us to understand our client’s businesses and the industries they work in so that we can do the best job possible.

Some of our clients are pest integrated management companies and members of the BPCA. We have been working on their websites and SEO campaigns for the last few years with great success. We have helped increase organic traffic to their websites and drive up their leads as a result. 

Project Multi Pest (PMP) is a pest control company working in London and Kent. They offer a wide range of pest management services, as do many competitors, but they have a distinct USP. They take an organic approach to pest control and refrain from using harmful chemicals. Instead, they use centuries-old solutions like falconry and rat-catching dogs. While this may sound brutal, it’s a lot more humane than the alternative.

Take a look at our case study to see how we increased organic website traffic to the PMP site by 2,494% – and not, that’s not a typo!

We booked a 4m x 3m stand at the show, not far from one of the main conference areas. We were well represented, with me, Harry (SEO Account Manager), Caroline (SEO Consultant) and Conor (Web Designer) in attendance over the entire two-day event. 

As well as an opportunity for the wider team to get an insight into the industry, they were able to offer extremely valuable SEO and web design advice to visitors to the stand – of which there were many!

Our PestEx experience – what we learned

We were lucky to speak to many different types of pest control professionals, as well as other businesses and suppliers to the industry. At our stand, we explained the benefits of search engine optimisation and the importance of having a well-designed website as the starting block for any successful organic growth. 

Some attendees had already seen our article on the BCPA website, and sought us out as a priority! We were delighted to have made an impression and were impressed with how these businesses recognise the value of SEO and web design. We really enjoyed talking to them and explaining how their websites could work so much harder for them with an investment in SEO.

I think it was a surprise to some visitors that we were there at all, among the stands promoting the latest smart live trap technology and other industry-related products!

They weren’t expecting to see a digital marketing agency, especially one that specialises in SEO for pest control companies. It got some thinking about their websites and how well it is working for their business (or not, as was often the case). 

Others were enticed to our stand by the free white chocolate mice on offer! But they were intrigued by what we had to say and happy for us to look at their websites. Using leading SEO software ahrefs (along with our skill and expertise, of course!), we were able to give them an on-the-spot evaluation of their website’s organic search performance.

It was a very valuable exercise.

What our FAQ video from the expo!

SEO and websites for pest control – our findings

We discovered that many pest control companies build their websites in-house, using a variety of solutions such as WordPress, Wix or GoDaddy (the latter of which in my professional opinion is, quite frankly, awful).

It’s fair to say that most sites we saw could benefit from a professional site refresh with SEO at the forefront.


Creating useful and well-optimised content is crucial to SEO success, which many of the businesses we spoke to understood but were struggling with. Read more about SEO content strategy.

Data tracking and analysis

Many pest control sites we saw would benefit from data tracking and analysis. We explained that by using Google Analytics and Search Console, they could get a deeper understanding of their audience and site performance to help them make strategic improvements.

Local SEO

Appearing in local search results is extremely important in the pest control industry, but most websites we saw could work a lot harder to help them rank in their target areas. Read more about local SEO.

Website design

Many websites could attract more leads by clearly identifying and linking their services from the main menu, which is a relatively quick fix. Read more about our optimised web design services.

Overall, most of the websites we saw had growth potential and could work harder to generate more leads with a concerted effort and investment in SEO strategy, 

Encouragingly, we also saw some websites with very good SEO, and it was great to provide reassurance to those businesses that they are clearly in good hands with their existing agency!

We will be at PestEx 2025? Absolutely

This was only the 4th expo Targeted SEO has exhibited at and it was by far the most successful. We made some very positive connections and are pleased to have grown our network within the pest control industry.

We also generated some very good leads from companies that could benefit from our expert SEO and web design services. So, in terms of ROI, the event was very valuable.

The show also provided a great learning opportunity, and we’ve taken a lot away to help us better serve our clients and enhance our presence at next year’s event.

Thanks for having us BPCA! We had a very enjoyable time and look forward to next year.

Interested in talking to us about SEO for your pest control business? Please get in touch.

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