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Exhibiting at the Digital Accountancy Show (DAS)

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Targeted SEO exhibits at the Digital Accountancy Show 2023

What is the Digital Accountancy Show?

The Digital Accountancy Show is an expo designed exclusively for professionals in the accountancy industry. By attending the show you are able to immerse yourself in the forefront of digital transformation as it aims to educate and inspire accountants, bookkeepers, and finance experts.

With a captivating lineup of over 60 talks covering AI, Chat-GPT, growth strategies, practice management, exciting new technologies, software, and more, the event offers a wealth of knowledge from industry peers and esteemed experts.

By attending, Targeted SEO had the chance to network with over 2000+ professionals and gain insights into the latest technological innovations shaping the digital accountancy landscape. From AI and machine learning, to cloud accounting and data analytics, we were able explore the cutting-edge tools and techniques revolutionising the profession.

It was a power-packed day dedicated to empowering accountants and bookkeepers to enhance their practices, boost efficiency, and deliver exceptional services to their clients through the power of digital.

One of the Digital Accountancy Show's stage
The use of silent disco headsets to listen to the talks was a brilliant idea!

Where is the Digital Accountancy Show?

The Digital Accountancy Show takes place at Evolution London, a renowned venue located in Battersea Park, London. Situated at Queenstown Road in Chelsea Bridge, the address of the venue is SW11 4NJ. This prime location offers a convenient and accessible setting for attendees to gather and engage in insightful discussions about the latest digital technologies and advancements in the accountancy profession.

Evolution London
Queenstown Rd,
Chelsea Bridge,
SW11 4NJ

The Targeted SEO team stand at the Digital Accountancy Show 2023
Ben & Harry ready at the Targeted SEO stand!

Why did Targeted SEO exhibit at the Digital Accountancy Show?

Targeted SEO exhibited at the Digital Accountancy Show for several compelling reasons. As a leading provider of specialised SEO services for the accountancy industry, we recognised the immense value and relevance of this industry-specific technology conference.

By participating in the show, we aimed to showcase our expertise in helping accountants, bookkeepers, and finance professionals optimise their websites and improve organic visibility in the SERPs.

It provided us with a unique opportunity to engage directly with our target audience, understand their specific challenges and goals, and demonstrate how our tailored SEO strategies can drive meaningful results for their businesses.

Moreover, exhibiting at the Digital Accountancy Show allowed us to stay at the forefront of emerging digital trends and connect with industry leaders, fostering collaborations and partnerships that further enhance our ability to serve the accountancy community.

Forming new partnerships at the show!

Do we plan on exhibiting in 2024?

Yes, we are excited to announce that we have plans to exhibit at the Digital Accountancy Show in 2024. Building on the success and positive experience of our previous participation, we believe that exhibiting at the show will continue to be a valuable opportunity for us to connect with professionals in the accountancy industry and showcase our expertise in Targeted SEO services.

We are committed to staying at the forefront of digital advancements in the industry and providing tailored solutions to help accountants, bookkeepers, and finance professionals thrive in the online landscape. Exhibiting at the Digital Accountancy Show allows us to engage with a highly relevant audience, share insights, and forge meaningful connections that contribute to the growth and success of our business and our clients.

Read our article which is featured on the DAS website: How to increase leads for your accountancy practice.

We look forward to showcasing our services and contributing to the vibrant discussions and networking opportunities at the event in 2024.

The Targeted SEO team at the Digital Accountancy Show 2023

What did we learn from the Digital Accountancy Show?

From exhibiting at the Digital Accountancy Show, we gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by accountants when it comes to utilising their websites as more than just lead generation tools.

We discovered that many accountants are unsure about how to establish themselves as authority figures in their respective niches through their websites.

They recognise the importance of investing in their website and SEO, but they often struggle with where to begin and how to fully leverage these digital assets to benefit their business.

The event shed light on the fact that the accounting industry is filled with ambitious business owners who are constantly seeking innovative digital strategies to stay ahead of the curve. However, it became evident that there is still untapped potential in utilising their websites as powerful business assets.

By leveraging their websites effectively, accountants can build their brand, increase visibility, and provide valuable information to their prospects.

Unlock the potential of your accounting website with Targeted SEO

In summary, the Digital Accountancy Show offers accountants a remarkable platform to delve into the potential of digital technologies within their practice. Furthermore, connecting with Targeted SEO at our stand, presented accountants with a valuable opportunity to discover how they can establish themselves as authoritative figures in their niche.

We shed light on the significance of leveraging their website as a valuable asset, transcending its role beyond lead generation.

At Targeted SEO, we empower accountants to harness the full potential of their online presence and drive meaningful growth in their businesses.

That’s why we offer specialised SEO services tailored to the needs of accountants, helping them boost their online presence, increase visibility, and drive qualified leads.

Learn more about our comprehensive SEO services designed specifically for accountants by contacting us for a consultation.

A special thanks to Dan Cockerton and his team for a fantastic show and for making Targeted SEO feel so welcome!

See our post on why branding is important for accountants!

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