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Lead Generation for Accountants

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lead generation for accountants

In our technologically evolving world, any type of business, and indeed almost every type of profession, can benefit from a lead generation process. For an accounting firm, maintaining existing customers while also attracting prospective clients are crucial business development efforts to be aware of.

Successful lead generation for accountants can generate more enquiries, phone calls, and customers, resulting in the growth of your accountancy practice.

But with all of this in mind, what exactly is lead generation for accountants, and how do you generate such leads?

How Do You Generate Leads for Accountants?

The primary aim of lead generation is to get traffic to your accountancy firm website, which can then transfer to potential clients for accounting firms.

This is done in a multi-step and comprehensive marketing strategy, which we here at Targeted SEO Ltd. have mastered time and time again. Based on the skill we integrate into our tactical SEO plans, clients and potential clients are now seeing huge success when they move online to generate new leads.

To gain accounting leads, our lead generation process is largely broken down into free, paid, and partnership leads for an accountancy practice.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these models:

Free Accounting Leads via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

At Targeted SEO we specialise in SEO for accountants and financial services. We can help make your website a key lead generation tool for your accounting firm. A typical SEO campaign can involve creating engaging blog content for your website, building pages for all of your key services, link building, and ensuring your website ranks highly for local searches.

This type of lead generation will deliver the best long-term ROI than any other form of marketing. Your website will become your firm’s biggest asset, generating leads for years to come.

Although this is classed as “free accounting leads”, it is important to note that it does take time to create good content that has the potential to rank and increase your website visibility in the search results. As many of our clients do not have the time (or inclination) to be writing vast pages of copy on the accounting products and services that they provide, we offer a copywriting service and have several outstanding writers who are well versed in creating SEO content for accountants.

Paid leads via Pay Per Click

Paid advertising is more common, and consists of social media marketing, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as prospects for PPC (pay per click), where you are essentially paying for clicks on your website.

All of these models are fast and efficient ways to drive traffic onto your web pages by placing you nearer the top on Google’s search engine results. The conversion rate for attaining a potential client through paid marketing is lower since new business typically responds more proactively through authoritative leads.


Finally, partnerships are also a great way to pick up on valuable lead services through competing clients in your same space that may not share your same business model.

You can gain referrals this way, and even if you simply share email information, competitors, or local business associates can send a potential customer your way to help your business grow by word of mouth.

At Targeted SEO we can also provide guest posts in partnership with other companies. This involves posting an article on another website as a guest, and in return, you receive an external backlink to your accounting website and wider exposure.

Create a Mailing List for Potential Clients

Email marketing is a great opportunity for generating leads and extracting more information about your clients. Most accountancy practices use this strategy to attract more prospects to their firm.

However, the most irritating thing about this strategy is building an email list since it takes a lot of time and effort to attract new clients.

Use Social Media to Generate Sales Leads

As mentioned above in the paid marketing example, having a social media tactical marketing plan is a great way to attain leads and appear prominently in search results as well.

Know Your Target Market

Any complete guide that attempts to list ways to increase marketing prospects would be wise to point out the importance of the target marketing form and focus of your business.

It is good to know accounting and its online presence backward and forwards. In addition to this, if you can get reviews and testimonials for previous services that you have provided, then these can be credible in helping you climb the rankings and shows potential clients that you practice what you preach online.

Is Lead Generation Still Profitable for Accountants?

Discerning if a tried and true, and long-established practice is still profitable is fickle at best, and the only thing to consider is true results showing direct profitability. When measuring lead generation, putting a price on its overall importance is paramount in the accounting business.

Due to the sheer competitiveness of accounting today, it is crucial to have evolving lead generation, tactics, tools, and valuable lead prospects to ensure your business can grow.

Long gone are the old days of direct mail fliers and adverts dropped in the post-in today’s world, a business’s entire buying cycle is based on a strong and attractive online presence. Customers will educate themselves, make their decisions, and contact your firm all online.

The reassuring and encouraging thing about a local SEO campaign is that the results are transparent, evident, tangible, and immediately profitable. A reliable search engine specialist will provide real-time access to performance measures such as keyword ranking and site traffic, to show how your investment is paying off.

The real results of local SEO of course will be experienced first hand. It won’t happen overnight, but your patience, as you watch your performance rating steadily grow over time, will eventually be rewarded by an increase in enquiries and sales.

All of this is based on the hard work put into lead generation organising and implementation. Consumers and potential clients are consistently inundated with competitors trying to convince you that their service promises and platforms are the best in the business.

It is easy to decipher the real firms with well-thought-out market strategies from the phonies that only want to rope you in with hollow promises and no innovation and commitment to show they can back up their promises.

Lead generation tactics are still profitable, but most of all, these tactics are still important and can show potential clients that you care about and value their business.

How Do You Create Lead Generation?

When deciding on how to do lead generation market growth for your firm, it is all about making your online presence dynamic, singular, and memorable. Is your site full of superb content, or is it more of a bare-bones affair? Does it have multiple pages detailing your products or service models?

Do you update it regularly with news, media, blog posts? If not, it is very hard to rank in Google against content-rich competitor sites.

For an accounting firm, a good SEO lead generation campaign will include plans to introduce rich content to your site, which aside from pleasing Google, will present your accountancy firm as an industry expert and invite online visitors to dwell longer.

For local businesses, online reviews are everything. The opinions of other people in the neighbourhood carry a lot of weight when researching local service types.

Good online reviews will help to strengthen your reputation and create valuable word-of-mouth recommendations. There are plenty of websites such as Trustpilot that can be used to collect reviews, along with your GMB listing.

In a similar vein, links to your site from other trusted websites act as a valuable endorsement that Google will recognise, so your SEO partner will seek to increase the number of citations you have online.

Even using every trick in the local SEO book, success will be limited if your site is poorly designed.

Google bots are very discerning, and measure quality and usability in their rankings.

This is why it is important to allow a team of experts to handle your leads and maximise your company’s complete potential.

What Is the Best Source of Leads for Accountants?

When measuring lead generation, putting the focus on a firm’s online site is key, but SEO is needed to ensure this becomes a reality. What’s important to recognise is that SEO is a long-term strategy and that it may take time before you can create an online presence capable of generating organic traffic.

But when you do, the results can take your growth to a different level, making SEO the absolute best source.

Unlike PPC or other paid methods mentioned above, your organic traffic won’t dissipate as soon as you stop paying for ads. This makes SEO a more viable lead gen source since organic traffic can still be sustained despite any cuts being made to your buying cycle.

Technical SEO focuses on the nuts and bolts of your site. As with a car, the technical elements are what determines performance. Google prioritises websites that are lean, fast, and easy to inspect.

The first step to achieving this is conducting a technical SEO audit. This will rigorously inspect your site to pinpoint deficiencies that hurt your ability to rank, including broken links, duplicate content, how mobile responsive it is, and much more.

Find out more about the importance of SEO, including how long SEO takes.

Why Contact Targeted SEO Ltd for Your Lead Generation?

At Targeted SEO, we specialise in search engine optimisation and web design for local and national accountants. A large portion of our business development efforts is with accountancy practices, where we use our lead generation tactic tools to ensure proactive and lasting bookkeeping leads that turn from potential clients to active clients.

When you contact us, our SEO accounting leads can:

  • Bolster your Google rankings
  • Boost website traffic
  • Generate more traffic
  • Be among the top-ranking accountants in local searches
  • Increase website conversions
  • Experience growth

If you would like to increase your monthly sales and company visibility online, book a discovery call with us today or fill out our contact form with your contact details letting us know how we can help.

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