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SEO for Private Healthcare

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The demand for private healthcare continues to grow, as does the use of search engines to answer health-related questions. Our SEO agency can help your healthcare business to identify what your potential clients are searching for and increase your website’s visibility as a result.

The benefits of SEO for private healthcare and medical companies

The past few years have been challenging for patients, with the pandemic and growing waiting times driving more people to self-diagnose online. It’s thought that over half of web users consult Google before a healthcare professional. As a private healthcare provider, this presents a big opportunity to share your expertise with a wider audience and grow your online reputation.

With the vast amount of health information online, it can be very difficult for private healthcare practices to be found in search results. Search engines use many complex algorithms to sort or ‘index’ websites hierarchically, and it’s well documented that very few users venture beyond page 2 of the results. SEO techniques can help you gain valuable insight into which topics your potential clients are searching for and improve your website’s visibility.

SEO can help your private healthcare and medical practice to reach more potential clients, increase website traffic and grow your reputation as an expert in your field.

It’s thought that around 7% of daily Google searches each day are health-related, equating to 70,000 per minute*. Combined with the current surge in private healthcare enquiries, it presents a significant opportunity for private practices. An investment in SEO will help you to share your expertise with people that need it, boost your reputation and grow your client base.

* Source: The Telegraph

Improve visibility in online searches

While the world of SEO is complex, the goal is simple – to make a website more visible in search engine results pages (SERPs) to increase website traffic. So, by investing in an SEO campaign, you can reach a wider section of your target audience when they search for your services or topics related to your specialism. It can take time to get to page one, but once you do, the probability of someone clicking on your website significantly increases.

Grow your professional reputation

Private healthcare relies on trust and reputation, and there’s no better place to evidence your professional credentials than online. Google favours websites it deems most credible and seeks proof of reputation in many ways, such as citations, external links and valuable website content. An integrated SEO campaign will provide these cues to Google, improving your ranking potential and, as a result, the trust of your target audience.

A high return on your marketing investment

As a healthcare professional, you’re no stranger to analysis, so it may be reassuring to know that SEO results can be clearly measured. We use smart SEO software to track how your website is performing in SERPs (search engine result pages) and can adapt your strategy accordingly. What’s more, our SEO campaigns are geared towards growing organic search, the results of which are far more valuable and long-lasting than paid-for ads.

If you think we could be the right fit for your private healthcare business, please contact us to apply for a 20-minute consultation.


Results we can achieve for your private healthcare and medical business:

  • Boost website traffic
  • Be among the top-ranking businesses in local searches
  • Increase website conversions
  • Generate more enquiries and leads to expand your client base
  • Grow your reputation and distinguish your brand
  • Become an industry voice
  • Receive an impressive ROI

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Our Specialist SEO Services For Private Healthcare & Medical Companies

In our experience, we see the best results with a fully integrated approach, including on-page SEO, off-page SEO, local SEO and content strategy. This is not to say that any two SEO campaigns are the same. Starting with a detailed analysis of your business and website performance, we can devise a bespoke, fully-integrated, fixed-price SEO campaign to achieve your business goals.

Your bespoke campaign will likely combine elements of all our key healthcare SEO agency services:

Case study

Growing targeted organic traffic for private healthcare clinic

This client is based in the private healthcare sector, they treat both private and NHS referrals. Looking for SEO consultancy, they wanted to raise their local presence online and generate more leads within their diagnostic specialisms.

Increase in organic traffic (First 6 Months)
Increase in total impressions
Increase in total clicks
Page 1 rankings
  • We have been working with Ben and his team now for sometime and the results they have delivered has surpassed our expectation and really wowed us with their know how and service. We conducted a review with them and the results were yet again really great so we don’t see their fees as a cost we see it as an investment in our business and is great value for money.

    Steven Blofield @ Redwood Financial
  • We have used SEO companies in the past and been disappointed in their results, just sending through a generic update report once a month with no strategic thinking and proactive plan to improve our website traffic. Targeted SEO are working on our website and organic SEO campaign and so far we’ve been impressed with the level of service we have received. Our new website is now starting to generate new leads and enquiries and do the job it was designed for.

    Jasmine Lambert @ Redwood Financial
  • We have been working with Ben and Harry for over a year now and we are delighted with the results we are getting. They have a very defined process which we follow that plays a big part in helping us get excellent results. They are clearly experts in what they do, very professional and good fun to work with.

    Roland Moss @ Butt Miler Chartered Accountants
  • Targeted SEO recently moved my website from Wix to WordPress. Very smooth transition with no issues at all. They also completed a full rebrand of my business and captured my vision completely! Very professional looking site with great feedback from our clients already. Friendly team, very quick to respond to requests, I look forward to working with you guys on the SEO going forwards!

    James Wheeler @ Jameco Group
  • Really happy with the work done by the team. They have massively improved our website’s look. It looks so professional! Potential customers looking at the website will now have a great representation of what we’re are and what we stand for. The team is very responsive and are really great guys. Thanks guys 🙂

    Chris Demetriou @ Archimedia Accounts

Why choose Targeted SEO?


Targeted SEO works with ambitious businesses across the UK. If you are excited by the potential of SEO and what it can achieve for your company,  contact us to apply for a 20-minute SEO consultation.

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Thousands of your potential clients are researching private healthcare online, so it’s essential that your website can compete for their attention. At Targeted SEO, we can help your website to stand out in search results and reach more people in need of your services.

Our intelligent and approachable team have experience working with private healthcare clients and has a good understanding of the sensitivities surrounding health advice online. In close consultation with you, we can produce a highly professional, helpful and engaging website to boost enquiries and grow your business.