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We have highly successful experience working on local SEO strategies for a range of small to medium sized professional businesses. If you would like to learn more about local SEO and what it can do for your business, contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.

What is local SEO?

If you are a small or medium sized business which serves customers in a specific location such as a town or city, it’s vital that your website appears in the local search results for the services you offer.

Your potential customers will often include ‘geo qualifiers’ like the city they require the service in when they search. Google also picks up the geo-location of where that search is coming from and will provide results based on this. Geo qualifiers can also include postcodes, county and ‘near me’ searches.

Local SEO is the service we can provide to ensure your business appears highly in Google when your potential customers are looking for the services you offer in your location.

guide to local seo services

Why is local seo important and why does it matter?

Local SEO is extremely important if you rely on new customers finding your business online. If you don’t appear highly in the search results then that’s a lot of business you are potentially missing out on. This should matter to you if you need enquiries to grow.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to local SEO including:

How to improve local SEO for your business

Improving your local SEO is hard work and there are many things to consider, all of which can have a huge impact on the overall combined success of a local SEO strategy. However, if applied correctly, when successful it can dramatically boost your business sales and revenue.

Website audits

The first step to any successful local SEO strategy is a full audit and review of your business online and how it is performing. The audit will provide an overview of existing organic ranking positions, estimated traffic and backlinks (other websites linking to yours). We will also check to see if your Google My Business is optimised.

Improving onsite content

Many local business websites are ‘thin on content’ and don’t have properly optimised content. You can’t rank in Google without it, so it’s essential you have individual pages for each of your key services. Creating a blog and writing regular articles to showcase your knowledge will help to establish trust in your industry. If your business targets multiple cities, your website could have unique landing pages which target each of these locations to help increase enquiries and sales.

Search Analysis

Finding the right searches and keywords that you want your site to rank for in Google, and directly bring more targeted traffic to your site is an important step. There’s no point working hard to rank your website for a search that no one is using or looking for.

Using SEO software like ahrefs and researching directly in Google, we can find the most profitable keywords for your business to target and then formulate these into your overall local SEO campaign. We can also add these keywords to our rank tracker software to monitor progress and ranking improvements.

Using Local Business Schema Markup

There is a specific type of markup code that can be added to your website to make it easier to search engines to identify what type of business or organisation you are. The code can include items such as the type of local business you are, logo, telephone, name, description, opening hours, website URL, address and more.

This structured markup can be powerful for local SEO and should be added to your website on important pages like your home page and contact page. After adding, you can test the schema in Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

Interested in growing your local business?

If you would like to talk to an SEO specialist in person for local SEO advice contact us.

Mobile friendly website that is optimised for speed

Is your website mobile friendly? Does it respond and resize depending on the browser it’s being viewed on? If not then you’re already losing out on potential customers. The bounce rate will be extremely high from customers viewing your site on a mobile device if it’s not responsive and fast. 

Google also now indexes websites in the search results based on the mobile version of your site (mobile first indexing).

Local business citations and consistent nap data

One of the first steps in any local link building campaign is creating citations for your business and ensuring any existing citations are consistent. A citation is reference to your business online and often on a local website directory. A citation can include your name, address, phone number, business description, logo and links to social media (NAP data).

At Targeted SEO we can build quality citations for your business and get these indexed in Google (so they are in the search results and actually count towards your local SEO campaign). This is a signal to Google that your website is legitimate and can be trusted.

As part of our citation building process we will also undertake a citation audit. Your business may have moved premises and location in the past. Customers may even be visiting an old address. It’s hugely important that your NAP data is consistent.

Google My Business & online reviews

It’s surprising how many local businesses don’t have a verified Google My Business with completed information. Google has provided this tool specifically for local businesses and if you want to appear at the top in the Google map pack then you need to make sure you have an optimised GMB profile. You can also use the GMB to post updates, news and offers about your business, which will appear under your GMB listing in the search results for your brand or business.

Collecting online reviews will also make you stand out against your competitors and help you rank higher in maps. Reviews can be collected via your GMB but also several other places like yell, Facebook recommendations (if you have a business page), and paid services such as Trustpilot or Feefo.

Advanced link building and guest posting

To grow the power of your website and domain authority, powerful links from other trusted websites are required. It is possible to build these links ‘naturally’ by earning them. This essentially means creating great content on your website which other businesses will link to as they find it useful. For example, in their blog or when they reference another service. 

Earning links naturally does and can happen but only through regular blogging, growing and establishing authority in your niche by showing that you are an expert. You can also contact and manually reach out to other sites in your industry for a guest blog post.

We offer a proven link building service, which will pass the inspection of any Google moderator and won’t result in a manual penalty in Search Console. This includes guest posting on authority blogs with a carefully placed mention of your brand, website or services.

How long does local SEO take?

Increasing traffic and organic ranking positions for the locations your business serves does not happen overnight. SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. At Targeted SEO we recommend a minimum of 4-6 months work and investment before you start to see results. However, in more competitive niches and industries significant results can take up 12 months. How long SEO takes also depends on the following:

Do you need your Google My Business optimised?

We can optimise your GMB and make you the shining light in your city. Contact us for advice.

Measuring the success of a local SEO campaign

Success of any local SEO campaign can be measured by improvements to website traffic, leads or sales being generated, ranking positions and performance in search engines. We track keyword ranking positions in Google via SEO software and can provide you with access to this 24/7. This provides you with ‘at a glance’ performance of your website in Google.

However, a poorly designed and branded website will inhibit the overall success and conversion rates of any potential customers. We always seek to improve your web design and can include this as part of a pay monthly web design package.

How much does local SEO cost?

Local SEO can be costly but at Targeted SEO we understand every client is different, often with a variety of marketing budgets and expectations. A local SEO retainer can cost between £250pm to £2,500pm (plus VAT) depending on the niche/industry, size of business and competitiveness.

We know that small businesses may not have huge marketing budgets when they first come to us. That’s why we price our local SEO service at an affordable and competitive rate. When you partner with us, we will help you grow so one day you will be in a position to increase your marketing spend with us.

Free Local SEO Consultations and Advice

Contact us if you are interested in talking to a local SEO expert for a free consultation and to book a website audit. Let us do the hard work and technical SEO for you, so you can concentrate on what you’re good at – running your business and dealing with the increase of enquiries as a result of the work we’re doing.

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