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Ten reasons why you need to rebrand your business

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why you need to upgrade your brand

Successful businesses are adaptable to shifting market dynamics and evolve their offering to meet changing demands. Really successful businesses recognise that their corporate identity needs to evolve along with those changes and invest in rebranding when the time is right.

Companies rebrand in order to stay relevant, attract new customers, differentiate from competitors, expand into new markets, signal change or innovation, repair a damaged reputation, or reflect a strategic shift in their business

Branding often lags behind business operations and other marketing activities on the to-do list. But the truth is, with careful thought and implementation, your brand identity, along with your website, can become a valuable asset.

In this blog, we’ll explore what makes a great brand and discuss our top ten reasons to rebrand your business.

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What makes a strong brand identity?

There are many elements that combine to make a great brand – it isn’t just a logo! Strong brands almost always have the following things in common:

  • A compelling vision: A clearly articulated vision that drives the business strategy and behaviour.
  • A unified voice: Total consistency throughout messaging, design, and customer experience.
  • Authenticity: Strong brands come from a place of truth and reflect a company’s unique personality and values.
  • Deep customer insight: The ability to tap into the needs of the target market and inspire emotional engagement.
  • Differentiation: A clear articulation of the company’s USPs that enables it to stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  • Memorable visuals: Today’s consumers will likely base their first impression of your business on how it looks on a screen. If they don’t like/trust what they see, then there’s a whole load of alternatives a click away. It’s a harsh truth, but online, looks matter! A memorable logo and graphic design elements can engage the customer and aid brand recall.
  • Customer-centricity: Powerful brands place their customers at the heart of everything they do.
  • A great website: A fully-optimised website designed with user experience in mind is essential to reinforce a brand’s identity and attract new customers.
Examples of old and new brands which we have worked on.
Examples of old and new brands which we have worked on.

What is a rebrand?

Rebrand is a phrase that’s thrown around a lot but not always understood.

In a nutshell, a rebrand involves revamping a company’s visual identity and messaging to reflect its unique position in the market. The goal is to resonate more strongly with the target audience, reach new customers, stay relevant and competitive, and ultimately, drive business growth.

A rebrand is more than just skin deep. It’s important to base it on solid strategy rather than coming at it from a purely aesthetic angle. A quick website zhuzh up, and a shiny new logo may serve you for a few weeks in terms of some good PR, but it isn’t going to make a lasting impact.

A successful rebrand involves some soul-searching about a company’s values, goals and position in the market. Followed by a whole lot of creative thinking about how to visually represent those values and goals to appeal to the target market.

Written and verbal communication should not be overlooked. When more than one person writes for a business, the brand can appear to have a split personality! So it’s vital to establish the brand’s tone of voice to guarantee consistency in all of its messaging.

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When should you consider rebranding your business?

Here are Targeted SEO’s top 10 reasons why you should consider rebranding your business.

1. A change of strategic direction

If your company is expanding into a new market, introducing new products or services, or entering the international market, a rebrand signifies its evolution and growth.

When two companies merge or one company acquires another, a rebrand will likely be necessary to create a cohesive identity and communicate the new direction. If a new company is established as a result, a new brand identity may be required to complement a multi-brand strategy.

2. To stand out in an overcrowded market

Small business survival rates have taken a depressing nosedive in the past few years, even affecting companies that are beyond the 12-month mark.

A rebranding exercise can hone in on what makes your business tick and articulate how it is different to the rest. Then, if the rebrand is implemented well, can give it the stand-out it desperately needs for many years to come.

3. Your existing brand doesn’t work online

Creating a strong online presence is fundamental to lead generation and business success today. So, as well as working for offline media, your company’s brand identity needs to work on your website, social media platforms, email campaigns and other online marketing channels.

For many established businesses, a website redesign often prompts a rebranding project.

4. To appeal to a new target audience

It could be that your visual identity and brand messaging no longer appeal to your target market. Maybe your existing customers are ageing, and you want to shift to serve a younger demographic, for example. Attempting to be all things to all people can dilute a brand and hamper its ability to engage with its audience. So sometimes, a rebrand is essential to signify who your business serves.

5. To overcome negative associations

If a business has suffered a PR crisis, then it is sometimes hard to recover its good reputation. Company rebranding, e.g. changing the brand name, logo, visual identity, or messaging, can help the business distance itself from negative associations and create a fresh start and rebuild trust.

6. You’re struggling to raise your prices

By rebranding, a business can influence how its products or services are perceived by customers. A new logo, typography, colour palette and enhanced messaging can help to signify quality and exclusivity.

This increased perceived value can justify higher prices, allowing your business to grow authentically.

7. Your current brand looks outdated

Design trends are constantly evolving. What worked even 18 months ago can appear stale in the eyes of consumers, so you need to move with the times.

While your underlying brand values may remain the same, a new iteration of your messaging and graphic design may be required to sustain the company’s appeal. With new technology and competitors constantly emerging in all sectors, you can easily get ahead by developing a new look.

8. Your brand has become inconsistent or diluted

When a corporate image is mismanaged, customers find it more difficult to identify and connect with the brand. Inconsistency in the brand’s visual elements, such as logos, colours, and typography, across various platforms erodes brand recognition and dilutes the brand’s image.

This is all too common. Without visual and tone of voice guidelines, anyone communicating on behalf of the company, e.g. designers, copywriters, and employees, has free reign to use the design elements as they wish and whatever language suits them – sometimes with disastrous results!

9. To develop your employer brand

Another often overlooked benefit of rebranding your business is to enhance your employer brand. Digital professionals will undoubtedly check out your website when applying for a role.

A coherent brand identity is key to attracting top talent as well as to employee engagement, morale and retention. When employees understand the company’s vision and their role in achieving it, they can become powerful advocates.

10. You’ve simply grown

A lot of business owners commission a logo quickly and inexpensively to get the business off the ground, which is totally understandable. But while that enables you to start trading, once it comes to scaling and taking on new clients, you may find that your logo and messaging just don’t reflect the business.

Maybe the product or service you offered at the outset has evolved to meet your customers’ needs. You’ve grown, and your visual identity may need enhancement to match your new-found status.

Case Study: Targeted SEO

Rebranding is a subject at the top of mind for everyone at Targeted SEO, as we’ve recently launched a new brand identity and website.

The new brand has been almost 12 months in planning and has taken a lot of soul-searching about our values, brand promise, USPs, market position, the type of employer we want to be, the type of clients we want to attract, as well as detailed competitor and market analysis.

So what prompted it? There were many reasons, including:

  • To reflect our substantial growth. The company was established in 2017 by a team of two with big ambitions. Sure enough, their dedication and vision paid off, and by 2022, the team had grown to seven, and the client base had expanded ten fold.
  • To re-energise and refocus. With a new team on board, it was important to crystallise our vision for the future and create a buzz around it.
  • To attract the best talent. Our employer brand is very important to us. We work in a competitive industry that relies on advances in technology. We wanted to create an inspiring brand identity to attract the best talent and also portray what a great place it is to work.
  • To showcase our skills: We work hard to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape and have some serious talent and experience in our team. Our old website and visuals didn’t reflect that. Our new branding is dynamic and more representative of our design and SEO credentials.
  • To attract new customers: We have grown significantly, but we’re not done yet. We’re keen to attract more customers, and for that, we needed more stand-out and a more engaging, informative website.

We’re proud of the results and have enjoyed some great feedback from our internal and external stakeholders alike.

Time for a rebrand? Contact Targeted SEO

Here at Targeted SEO, we take a solidly strategic approach to everything we do, including branding services. You can rely on us to deliver a thoughtful brand identity that engages your target audience and works across multiple platforms. We can also develop your company’s unique tone of voice to elevate your reputation and grow your industry authority.

So if you’re ready to take charge of your brand and invest in its future, get in touch.

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